We here at Truck Trend have a long history of getting you in touch with the most influential people on the leading pickup and SUV programs from around the world. For this installment we'll be catching up with on of the top figures on Ford's 2018 Expedition program. The 2018 Expedition is a marked departure from the SUVs that came before it. Taking from the F-150’s playbook, the Expedition features a high-strength steel frame underpinning an aluminum-alloy body, yielding a 300-pound weight savings over the previous Expedition. While early test mules sported modified F-150 bodywork, the 2018 Expedition has bespoke styling, with a smooth front end, crisp bodyside surfacing, and a conventional greenhouse—the F-150’s stepped windowsills are gone. Front-end styling recalls the Explorer somewhat, although the Expedition’s upright design befits its more rugged body-on-frame construction.