2nd Annual Truck Trend Design Contest Winners

And the Votes Are in...

Editors of Motor Trend –
Feb 18, 2004
We said it in the September/October 2003 issue when we published this year's crop of truck artists, and we'll say it again: this is the best group of designs we've ever seen. Not only was it difficult to choose the final 20 for the contest, but it's almost diabolical to force you to choose only one winner. However, for that we make no apologies. And from your responses (some of them were quite lively--none of which can be printed here), you make no apologies for your choices, either. Many of you, from design college department heads to youthful truck-loving teenagers, gave us full explanations for each choice. We can tell you were impressed with the incredible display of pickup and SUV creativity and with the designs of the trailers. This year's contest had everything from horses to hovercrafts, hot rods to boats, airplanes to military tanks being towed--impressive! As a reminder, ballots had to be clipped from the magazine and mailed to us by October 12.

By the end of voting, we had almost triple the number of votes cast that we had last year. In addition, we allowed those on the Web to vote as well. While Web voting resulted in the same winner, the order of the remaining designs were different (see right). In the end, Jared Grodnitzky, from Owings Mills, Maryland, is the winner of Truck Trend's Second Annual Design Contest. Congratulations to all. Look for next year's application form and design parameters in the May/June 2004 issue of Truck Trend, on sale the first week in April.

To revisit the 20 contestants, check out the players Here

11. Jared Grodnitzky
Owings Mills, Maryland
Photo 2/8   |   163 0310 Des 11 Z
5. Pat McLaughlin,
Clay City, Indiana
Photo 3/8   |   163 0310 Des 05 Z
13. Boris Rubanovich
Las Vegas, Nevada
Photo 4/8   |   163 0310 Des 13 Z
1. David Smith
Royal Oak, Michigan
Photo 5/8   |   163 0310 Des 01 Z
19. Jose Valadez
La Puente, California
Photo 6/8   |   163 0310 Des 19 Z
15. W.R. Koontz
Noblesville, Indiana
Photo 7/8   |   163 0310 Des 15 Z
2. Paul Kim
Payallup, Washington
Photo 8/8   |   163 0310 Des 02 Z



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