Third Annual Truck Trend Design Contest

We were not disappointed by the results of this year's call for contributions. Here's your chance to review the entries and vote in the poll to select an online winner.

Editors of Truck Trend
Aug 6, 2004
We know our readers are some of the most creative thinkers anywhere. Our mail proves that every time a new issue hits the newsstands. That's why we've made the call once again for the best pickup designs. We want to see what type of ideas are out there. Who will shape our driving choices in the years to come and what are your thoughts about the future of pickup and SUV design: In this year's competition, astute readers will recognize some of the names from previous contests, while newcomers have done a good job of offering a fresh point of view. Although we originally anticipated selecting 20 entrants to compete, we found it much easier to narrow the field to 16. Now it's your turn.
The rules are simple: Cut out the ballot found on page 67 of the September/October 2004 issue of Truck Trend Magazine, circle your favorite choice, and mail the ballot back to our editorial offices by October 1, 2004. We won't be accepting photocopies of ballots, though we aren't restricting the number of ballots per household. Vote early and vote often for your favorite. We'll have the results and the winner in our January/February 2005 issue (on sale the first week of December 2004).
Here at, we're conducting an unofficial survey, where you can vote until your fingers fall off. Just review the following images, click on them to see their 480-pixel-wide enlargement, and vote at the associated poll. After you've voted, join our online community to discuss the entries at the Truck Trend Message Boards.
We'll be taking votes until Friday, October 1, with the winner making his appearance in Truck Trend's Jan./Feb. 2004 issue.
In no particular order, here are the finalists for Truck Trend's Third Annual Design Contest.
Photo 2/17   |   163 0410 Des02 Z
Photo 3/17   |   163 0410 Des03 Z

Photo 4/17   |   163 0410 Des04 Z
Photo 5/17   |   163 0410 Des05 Z
Photo 6/17   |   163 0410 Des06 Z
Photo 7/17   |   163 0410 Des07 Z

Photo 8/17   |   163 0410 Des08 Z
Photo 9/17   |   163 0410 Des09 Z

Photo 10/17   |   163 0410 Des10 Z
Photo 11/17   |   163 0410 Des11 Z
Photo 12/17   |   163 0410 Des12 Z
Photo 13/17   |   163 0410 Des13 Z

Photo 14/17   |   163 0410 Des14 Z
Photo 15/17   |   163 0410 Des15 Z

Photo 16/17   |   163 0410 Des16 Z
Photo 17/17   |   163 0410 Des17 Z



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