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Concept Vehicles

Truck Trend’s concept vehicle section features the latest in future designs from the manufacturers. Read each story to get a clearer picture of which concept vehicles, from drawings to full-scale vehicles, may someday become a reality.
Future: Jeep Hurricane Concept Future: Jeep Hurricane Concept
Manufacturers like to tease the media by unveiling thrilling concepts, some of which will never see the light of day. more
Future: 2007 Toyota FJ40 Future: 2007 Toyota FJ40
Looking like Toyota's 2003 FJ Cruiser concept with real-world wheels and tires, the production FJ Cruiser is set for early 2006 launch. more
2006 Future Vehicle Forecast 2006 Future Vehicle Forecast
Manufacturers love to keep us guessing. They try to keep secrets from us, and we fight tooth and nail to get the info out as soon as... more
Future Cars Wish List Future Cars Wish List
The Motor Trend staff dreams up five answers to the question, "Why don't they build that." more
First Look: 2006 Chevrolet HHR Crossover First Look: 2006 Chevrolet HHR Crossover
Chevrolet Motor Division has officially selected the name HHR for its all-new crossover vehicle. ... more
First Look: Hummer H3T Concept First Look: Hummer H3T Concept
A peek at rugged refinement for the midsize SUV market more
Future Concept: Jeep Varsity Future Concept: Jeep Varsity
Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Automobile Show in Detroit this January, the Jeep Varsity crossover concept competed for... more
Future Ride: Toyota FJ Cruiser Future Ride: Toyota FJ Cruiser
Future, go-anywhere SUV revealed at the Detroit auto show more
Sneak Preview: Dodge Durango Hemi R/T concept Sneak Preview: Dodge Durango Hemi R/T concept
Dodge puts "sport" back in sport/utility vehicle with the Dodge Durango Hemi Concept more
Beauty In The Eye of The Be-Holdens Beauty In The Eye of The Be-Holdens
By now, everyone knows that General Motors turned to its Australian brand--Holden--in search of a new Pontiac GTO. It found a good one in... more
2002 Truck Trend Design Contest Kicks Off 2002 Truck Trend Design Contest Kicks Off
Auto shows allow manufacturers to roll out their experimental laboratories, cleverly called conce... more
Jeep Compass Concept Jeep Compass Concept
Why should it be so hard to believe that Jeep might introduce a rally car-inspired sports vehicle? more
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