Hummer Design Language
The H3T's proportions reflect its off-road ability, but also symbolize Hummer's styling -- an American design that says as much about driver freedom as Hummer's off-road experience.

"It's a minimalist approach that conveys purpose," says Dean. "The H3T represents the continual approach to Hummer's overall design theme - simple in appearance yet strong to the touch. From parts like the door handles to the dashboard details, the H3T looks and feels as if it's been milled from a solid billet of steel or aluminum."

That purposeful appearance is delineated from the Hummer H1's military roots. "We evolved the Hummer design language with the H2," says Dean. "But we're continuing that vision and progressing the brand."

The H3T's interior environment includes a rugged shifter handle that folds completely forward and military-inspired toggle switches for various controls. An altimeter, compass and inclinometer also are mounted on the dashboard.

The technical leather and Nike-designed Sphere seat fabric continue to support the athletic, performance theme of the H3T, as do the chamois, petrol, and paprika orange interior colors.

"It's not necessarily a luxury environment in the classic sense -- it's a new type of luxury," says Dave Lyon, interior design director for body-on-frame vehicles. "The expression of quality through the use of specific materials conveys a premium look without the use of traditional luxury appointments like wood or leather."

The same goes for the H3T's exterior, which features LED headlamps and taillamps, an integrated winch and tow hooks, as well as front and rear skid plates stamped out of aluminum and joined with side "rock sliders." There also are control arm and rear axle skid plates, along with a carbon-fiber skid plate/belly pan, which protects the vehicle when off the road and aids aerodynamic efficiency on the highway. A brush guard is integrated with the front skid plate and the taillamps have integrated lens protectors. Driving/marker lamps are built into the side-view mirrors.

The exterior colors, Petrol Blue Metallic and Satin Titanium Alloy, fuel the H3T's theme of a rugged vehicle with serious attitude. The forward-opening hood is aided by trigger-operated latches, which integrate into the trademark Hummer hood louvers. An exposed radiator is another classic Hummer styling cue and a camera mounted on the hood can be used to record off-road excursions in DVD format.