Auto shows allow manufacturers to roll out their experimental laboratories, cleverly called concept vehicles, for future technology, future styling, and plain and simple future fantasy. For this issue, we decided not to let Ford, Chevy, or Dodge have all the fun and called on our No. 1 design guru/fortune teller, Mark Stehrenberger, to see what he might come up with if given free rein. We asked to him to draw the biggest, baddest truck on the road. What he came up with looks like part Unimog, part SuperCrewzer, part Bruin, part who-knows-what. We call it the "Freightliner Mini"--the biggest light-duty pickup around, or maybe it's the smallest medium-duty commercial rig. We're not sure, but we definitely would like to drive it. TT

Show Us What You Can Do!!
Draw your fantasies, and we'll show the world. Who knows? If you draw it, Detroit might build it. We can't promise huge cash prizes or a trip to South America, but we can guarantee that, if we like your drawing, we'll put it in the pages of your favorite magazine, assuming it's Truck Trend. Send us your truck or SUV dream machine, real or imagined. Draw, paint, or scribble (or some combination of the two) on a solid background and mail it to us: Truck Trend Magazine, Design Contest, 6420 Wilshire Blvd, 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90048. Submissions will be not accepted after May 31, 2002. Drawings will not be returned. (Take a picture of it before you send it off.) If all goes well, we'll have a few good ideas to show the designers and engineers at the big manufacturers who devotedly read Truck Trend. Look for the winners in an upcoming issue. The contest is open to all ages and abilities.