Designed at Kia's California design center, this concept is a full-size, three-row, body-on-frame Pacifica chaser. Interesting design touches include an aggressive grille and lighting, suicide doors, side glass that wraps into the windshield, and dual sunroofs. No word on powertrain offerings, but it'll need a V-8, or the company needn't bother.
On sale: TBD

GMC Graphyte Hybrid Gen II
A midsize SUV, the Graphyte is the first vehicle shown by GMC that uses the Advanced Hybrid System 2 that combines a Vortec 4800 V-8 (with displacement-on-demand cylinder shutoff) with full electric propulsion at lower speeds. The calculated fuel savings is said to be 25 percent for regular driving, compared with a normal midsize SUV. It rides on 22-inch wheels, offers an adjustable ride-height suspension, and has the first rotating rear hatch/tailgate system. Inside, the Graphyte makes driving a pushbutton affair, while maintaining a professional-grade appearance.

On sale: TBD

2006 Jeep Commander

Inflate and square-off a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and what do you get? The Commander, Jeep's long-awaited seven-passenger SUV, which features stadium seating and looks like a super-size rendition of the much-loved 1984-2000 Cherokee. Trail-rated for off-roading, the $30,000-plus SUV comes with a 4.7-liter V-8 or 5.7-liter Hemi power.

On sale: Summer 2005