With the exception of the widened front wheel arches to handle the big wheel and tire package, each body panel on the CrewMax cab is stock Tundra issue. The bed, however, is something special. Because of its shorter length, the swoop and size of the dualie flares are dramatic. Add to this that the flares don't taper off as they reach the rear end of the truck, staying as wide at the back as they are at the widest part of the flares. As you might expect, with a back end that's more than eight feet wide this gives the tailgate a hugely dramatic look. The inside of the bed is covered in satin diamondplate with a Reese 24,000-pound-rated fifth-wheel trailer hitch standing like sculpture in a pool of chrome. At the back of the bed sits a 50-gallon exterior fuel tank. Bumper, exhaust, and trim accents have all been treated to take the shine off of every piece. This specific detail is designed to work with the deep Toyota Gray that's been saturated with flake chips to give it that Stealth Bomber light- (and radar-) absorbing, flat-finish look. Because this truck measures well past the 80-inch mark, federal regulations require it to have extra roof and side-running lamps. Rather than just add a lightbar, Warren had five PIAA 4000 four-way lights integrated into the roof of the truck. The only other exterior accents include a new grille and lower valance.

The cabin is difficult to describe. Depending on how closely you look (the closer the better), it would be easy to assume you're in a lush Ferrari or Bentley Flying Spur. The Ginger Leather glows a warm orange and was wrapped by noted SoCal shop Fast Ed's Interiors to fit like an Italian glove around every door panel and cupholder. The seats are stitched like a luxury baseball mitt, while the roof and dash are covered in color-matched natural hides. Kenwood supplied the three video monitors, each with its own controls, ready to play radio, CDs, DVDs, or video games. A special gauge cluster was chosen--it's more in line with upscale SUVs than the current Tundra's "barrel" setup. With the exception of the longneck Eaton shifter, the entire dash and center console were intentionally left looking as factory as possible. Again, with the anti-show-truck theme. Rear bucket seats offer eight-way adjustability, each with its own center storage console and private DVD screen.

No word on what Warren Victor's next project is going to be, but we bet it'll be something Toyota will be proud of and will have people talking for some time to come. You can be sure we'll be watching.

Custom Toyota Tundra HD
Layout Front engine, 2WD
Engine 8.0L 260-hp/585-lb-ft I-6 TD
Transmission Eaton 4205 five-speed manual
Suspension f/r IFS, double A-arm, double coilover/live axle, leaf springs
Tires 295/60R22.5 Michelin Energy
Wheels 22.5 x 9.0-in Alcoa aluminum
Wheelbase, in 158.5
Width, in 99
Height, in 86.5
Overall length, in 241
Weight, lb 9050 (est)
GVWR, lb 35,000 (est)
Payload, lb 4500 (est)
Towing, lb 24,500 (est)
On sale Don't hold your breath