To differentiate it from a standard Patriot, the Patriot EV has also been to the paint booth where it's been covered in ENVI Green Pearl paint, big EV logos on the sides and some ENVI badges. It's also picked up a unique set of wheels and some slick roof racks with low-profile fog lights mounted up front.

While the Patriot EV is the star of Chrysler's line-up for Detroit, the Dodge Circuit EV has also picked up some new attention-getting features. In addition to the can't-miss-it "Tangoreen" orange paint and big decals, the newly-christened Circuit EV has undergone a fascia lift, with a Dodge-standard crosshair grille affixed to the front of the car. The new mug actually works fairly well on the Circuit, lending it look reminiscent of a baby Viper. Inside, the Circuit EV sports a new black leather interior with Satin Silver accents. Mechanically, though, the Circuit appears unchanged from the vehicle we drove late last year.

Also receiving minimal changes for their Detroit re-debut are the Jeep Wrangler EV and Chrysler Town & Country EV. Each is unchanged mechanically, but both have been freshened up with new paint jobs and graphics. The Wrangler has been recoated in ENVI Green Pearl paint to match its Patriot EV stable mate, while the Town & Country EV has been refinished in Liquid Graphite Pearl. Both feature large EV graphics on their sides and new ENVI badges.

To date, Chrysler has not provided exact performance numbers or for any of the four ENVI vehicles, nor has it divulged curb weight or specifics about how its powertrain will actually work. The company has said that one of the four will enter production in 2010 with the other three following by 2013, but it hasn't said what order they'll be built in. The company has also not divulged how long it will take to charge any of the vehicles, saying only that they can be charged from a standard 110-volt wall socket, and that the charging time can be halved by using a 220-volt socket.

It's going to take a lot more than some new paint jobs and graphics before Chrysler's skeptics actually start believing it can pull off what it's claiming it can. While its ENVI effort certainly sounds promising, there are numerous questions still left unanswered. Hopefully Chrysler start offering up more specifics about its electrified future during the Detroit show.