Once again, we made the call for creativity. We were not disappointed. Astute readers will remember that last year's contest was a resounding success: hundreds of truck-loving artists, young and old, gifted and not-so-gifted, sent in submissions. From those, we whittled it down to 17 finalists. The winner was Jose Valadez from La Puente, California. He qualified this year, as well.

For our Second Annual Design Contest, we decided to do things differently. This year it was all about towing; not just the tow truck, but what it was designed to tow, too. Not surprisingly, we got even more submissions than last year and at an impressive quality level.

We're asking the readers to once again make the call to vote for the winning submission. At the end of the towing gallery printed in the magazine, there is a ballot to clip out of the magazine to mail to us: one ballot, one vote, no photo copies.

If your local newsstand should be out of Truck Trend magazines (which is often the case), send us a note with your address and a request with the number of magazines you'd like. Each copy of the Sept./Oct. 2003 Truck Trend will cost $5, check or money order. Only official ballots mailed in before the deadline (see below) will be counted for judging. Mail to: Attn. Design Contest Winner, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Here at Trucktrend.com, we are conducting an unofficial survey, where you can vote until your fingers fall off. Just review the following images, click on them to see their 480-pixel-wide enlargement, and vote at the associated poll. After you've voted, join our online community to discuss the entries at the Truck Trend Message Boards.

We'll be taking votes until Friday, October 12, with the winner making his appearance in Truck Trend's Jan./Feb. 2004 issue.

In no particular order, here are the finalists for Truck Trend's Second Annual Design Contest.