It's that time of year again--time to crack open another can of creativity, share it with the readers of Truck Trend, and let them choose a winner. We'll be publishing the top 20 entries in our September/October issue, where we'll let you vote for the best design. As usual (at least it's been the case in years past), we expect our contest will be scrutinized by many design leaders at companies like Ford, General Motors, Toyota, and DaimlerChrysler, and a few art colleges will likely show interest in our contest as well.

Due to the volume and variety of entries we received last year, we feel it necessary to provide a few more parameters for the contest.

The theme for this year's competition will be "Practical Function and Comfort." We're looking for pickup trucks only, with sizes ranging from compacts to one-tons. We won't consider any medium-duty, commercial-, or Class 8-type entries. All designs should attempt to work within the existing confines of higher-volume, mainstream, major-manufacturer pickup-truck-type vehicles used for work and weekend duty. Feel free to highlight any design details that add to function and/or comfort, always keeping in mind that many of today's pickups are for active families.

At a minimum, we will need one overall view of the vehicle as well as a look at the interior. Unfortunately, your submissions cannot be returned.

Draw your own conclusions
As to the types of entries (hand-drawn versus computer-generated), we happen to think both forms are equally legitimate and both will be accepted for consideration; however, three-dimensional models will have to wait for a different contest. We should note that any entry that looks copied or is excessively derivative might be penalized during judging.

We understand these aren't the easiest boundaries to have to work within, but here they are. Accept the challenge, and you may be seeing your work of art in an upcoming issue of Truck Trend magazine. Thank you, and good luck.