The votes are in, and we have a winner. Of the eight finalists that were featured in the September/October 2005 issue of Truck Trend, two standouts separated themselves from the pack. Corey Rauch, with his lifted mud-bogging Silverado, and Robert Hawter's heavily modified truck-rod and trailer (Robert, you might want to talk to somebody about tongue weight) were the top vote-getters. In fact, the tally was neck and neck until the last few days, when late ballots slipped in under the deadline.

In the end, Corey's front three-quarter view of the tall 4x4 beat out the mod-rod trailer duo slammed in the weeds. Thanks for the efforts of all artists who submitted their artwork to our design contest.

Hey, Corey! Call us with your address and phone number, and we'll send you some Truck Trend goodies.

Look for our Fifth Annual Design Contest rules and regulations in our May/June 2006 issue. We have a few new ideas you might like.