We'll admit it. With the possible exception of the winner, we may not have had the widest selection of great artwork in last year's competition. In fact, some of you wrote us to let us know "the pickins were a little slim." For this new contest, we intend to change all that.

There are things you love to do when you're not reading Truck Trend, and we want to see your (perfectly appropriate for a family magazine) drawings. What is it you like doing on vacation? Where do you like to go? And if you could wave a magic checkbook, what would you want to drive to get there? Maybe you'd head to the desert with some motorcycles. Maybe you and a bunch of buddies would go fishing in the backcountry. Maybe you and your family like to head to the snow. Whatever the case, we want to see your version of the ultimate sport vacation vehicle that gets you there. And just to keep things interesting, give us an artist's rendition (or send a snapshot--maybe cut out a picture or two from a magazine) of the guy or gal you'd most like to take with you.

This is going to take some work on your part, but we know you're up to the challenge. And if you're not, tell a friend who is. The only thing you have to lose is tremendous fame and fortune.

As always, feel free to give us some background as to why you think your submission should take the prize. The best entries will be published in our September/October 2006 issue (on sale the first week in August). We'll include a ballot in that same issue to let readers select the winner to be published in our coming Special 10th Anniversary issue, January/February 2007 (on sale the first week in December).

And remember, due to the volume of submissions we receive, unfortunately we won't be able to return your work. Good luck.