Future Truck?
The final question was fully intended to throw our designers a curve. We asked each, independent of brand, what the future of pickup design might be. For space reasons, we edited each down to a key sentence or two.

Hunter--Truck buyers tend to be conservative, so we have to be careful how far forward we look in evolving the traditional truck proportion and purpose.

Allen--You're going to see a lot more variety, more adventure, more military character, more progressive design, and a lot more expression.

Cafaro--The role of the truck as a work vehicle won't change, but it could be constructed differently. Electronic features and innovative materials will be key.

Burke--You'll see the interior evolve, with more configurability and much greater flexibility to let the customer tailor the space to his or her needs.

Schiavone--It's not a question of size, it's a question of efficiency. I'd love to see a truck as capable as what we have now able to get 35 or 40 mpg.

Gilles--You'll see a redefinition of the light truck as it becomes an alternative to other forms of transportation, with aerodynamics playing a much bigger role.