Things are heating up in the small commercial van category, with the Ford Transit Connect here and the Nissan NV200 coming, but the only current Ram Truck offering is the minivan-based Ram Cargo Van. While Ram Truck so far has ceded a large part of the market to the Transit Connect, Ford won't go uncontested much longer. Ram appears to be readying its own version of Fiat's Doblo van. Seen at a Chrysler facility in Michigan, parked between a Dodge Durango and a 2013 Ram 1500 prototype still wearing a car cover, this Doblo is sporting a front end we've never seen on any Doblo prototype. Compared with the current Fiat model, this prototype has an entirely redesigned front fascia, less bulbous fenders, a new hood, and new, smaller headlight clusters that seem to feature projectors.

While we're not exactly sure which powertrains will find their way into Ram's version of the Doblo, a lineup of four-cylinder motors (some turbocharged) seems likely. There does appear to be an intercooler peeking out from the lower fascia opening on this particular prototype, suggesting it's turbocharged. Watch for the Ram Doblo to start production in early 2013 and be imported from Fiat's joint-venture partner, TOFAS, in Turkey.

Sorry Folks, we can't show you the full images at the moment but you can see it in our upcoming MAY/June 2012 issue, set to hit news stands on May 29, 2012.