Is GM working on a new U.S.-market, body-on-frame SUV based on the new global Chevy Colorado? The vehicle in this shot has many camouflaging hallmarks of earlier Chevy Colorado prototypes, but this one has full covering behind its four-door crew cab, suggesting there could be more than a simple truck bed back there. And this GM prototype has a fully operational third brake light working through the white camouflage mesh at the top of the rear end. GM has already spun off an SUV from its global Chevy Colorado (Trailblazer), but stated that it won't be coming to America. Could this prototype be a new spin-off model specifically tailored to American tastes? GM is currently hard at work on prototypes for its U.S.-spec midsize pickups, so it stands to reason that GM could be using the same development program for a proper, U.S.-minded SUV. This prototype has a longer wheelbase than the global Trailblazer, which could mean that a moderate upsizing is in order to better suit American tastes -- a baby Suburban, if you will.

Sorry Folks, we can't show you the full images at the moment but you can see it in our upcoming March/April 2013 issue, set to hit news stands on January 22, 2013.