If you follow Truck Trend with any regularity, you know we often show you photos of photos of prototype vehicles heavily cladded in black, pixel, or zebra-stripe wrapping, out testing months or up to a year before it appears on the show turntable or showroom. This time, we bring you a clandestine version of Automoblox' latest creation, the next-generation of T900 truck, as well as a new SUV and sedan model.

If you're not familiar with the company or its products, Automoblox is the brainchild of industrial designer Patrick Calello, who wanted to combine the timelessness of old-fashioned wooden toys with modern design. Rather than a traditional model kit with detailed step-by-step directions, Automoblox vehicles consist of four basic pieces, the nose, body, tail, and roof that are interchangeable between models, with color-coded and shape-matched connectors to make it intuitive for even for young children to figure out how to build cars.

One of the company's latest creations, the next-generation of its T900 truck, shows more than a passing resemblance to the Ford Atlas Concept . Although not specifically based on any single production model, many of Automoblox's models show influences from real cars, but with a modern, simplistic whimsy to appeal to kids and adults alike. Retail prices for the toys range from $38 to $50, with extension block kits available for $12, and outgoing or retired models selling for a discount. You can check out more photos of the mystery vehicles on Automoblox's Facebook page.

Stay tuned as we wait for more details in the new line of Automoblox collectable toy vehicles.

Source: Automoblox