Lately, we're seeing a lot more camouflaged vehicles driving around that have already been introduced, at least in photos. The latest we caught roaming the streets of Southern California, caught by Motor Trend's video producer Duane Sempson, is the 2014 BMW X5. The X5 made its official debut almost exactly a month ago, with full specs and photos released. But the new model is still a few months away from the showroom.

Why the big secrecy? Most likely, it's a late stage prototype that's been out testing for several months or up to a year. Although at this point in its development cycle, most of the major hardware specifications of the X5 have been nailed down, there is often fine-tuning of throttle, braking, and other electronic calibrations, sometimes months or even weeks before the on-sale date.

Last-minute fine-tuning is what's delaying the introduction of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, even as Chrysler insists the measures will not delay the arrival of Cherokees into dealer lots and customer hands.

As noted in our first look, the 2014 X5 adds a two-wheel-drive sDrive35i model for the first time in the model's history, and higher prices almost across-the-board, with the exception of the xDrive35d diesel model. To justify the 2014 model's higher pricing, BMW counters with the 2014's higher level of standard equipment relative to its predecessor.