The 2014 Kia Sorento SUV was substantially updated for the new model year, but many observers' eyes, it looked barely changed from its predecessor. Perhaps sensing that it didn't crank the styling knob enough with the update, it appears as if a more comprehensive styling change is in the works for the 2015 model year.

From the side, it looks like the 2015 model will get a more upright grille similar to the recently introduced Cadenza premium sedan, compared with the more back-swept style on the current Sorento. Although retaining Kia's trademark "tiger nose" grille, the grille on the 2015 mule appears to have a gently arching upper edge, as well as cutting a little deeper into the front fascia.

Around back, the mule is so heavily cladded, it's difficult to discern much, with just small rectangles cut out for the taillights. Although difficult to say with certainty, it appears the 2015 model may be adopting the longer wheelbase of the three-row Hyundai Santa Fe. The 2014 Sorento packed three rows of seating somewhat awkwardly into the shorter 106.3-inch wheelbase of the Santa Fe Sport. In our First Test of the 2014 Sorento, we noted the cramped third row, and recommended a longer wheelbase for more hospitable accommodations. It's unknown if the Sorento will be offered in two sizes, such as the Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport or if there will be one size for future Sorento models.