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15 New Products from SEMA 2003 - The Hot Sheet

15 New Products From SEMA

Mike Finnegan
Mar 1, 2003
Photographers: Courtesy of SEMA
Each year, a few days after Halloween, mass hysteria overcomes the custom truck industry. In the final hours before SEMA, all hell breaks loose as truck builders, parts suppliers, companies, and mini-truckers rip their hair out in an effort to get the hottest trucks and new products to Las Vegas in time for the convention. Luckily for MT and our readers, we get to reap the benefits of everyone's hard work by photographing all of the latest, greatest, and most innovative products the industry has to offer. If you can dream it, it's probably already here. There are even a few products that took us by complete surprise. New innovations in air suspensions, tools, dress-up items, billet doodads, and even steering wheels debuted at SEMA, and we've rounded up the best and put them in this issue of MT. So sit back, get out a magic marker, and prepare to circle everything you'll want to put on next year's Christmas wish list.
Photo 2/16   |   sema New Products steering Wheel
Ultimate Steering Wheel
Painless Performance Products brought out a slick new steering wheel that features integrated radio frequency controls. The six-channel controls allow you to operate your air suspension electric solenoid valves, power windows, neon, or anything else that is turned on or off by 12 volts. The wheel is engineered to fit most popular steering columns and is made from aluminum. For more information, contact: Painless Performance Products Inc., Dept. MT, 9505 Santa Paula Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76116, (817) 244-6212,
Photo 3/16   |   sema New Products rearview Mirrors
Mirror Tricks
No magician could pull a trick with mirrors the way Trenz does with its new billet rearview mirrors! The mirrors come in many styles such as starts, flames, and tribal designs in either a satin or polished finish. Trenz billet rearview mirrors offer a simple, bolt-on, universal replacement for any stock windshield mount and will set off even the most detailed mini-truck interior. For more information, contact: Trenz Inc., Dept. MT, 3301 Unicorn Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93308, (661) 393-0909,
Photo 4/16   |   sema New Products air Suspension Kit
Level The Asphalt
Air Ride Technologies new Road Grater bolt-on air rear air suspension kit for Chevrolet's S-10 puts the power of fabrication in your hands. This kit takes all the guesswork out of laying out your S-10 and features laser-cut, jig-welded, and powdercoated bracketry. The tapered-sleeve air springs mount behind the rear axle tubes with a two-link, wishbone-type suspension that offers maximum adjustability and a smooth ride. For more information, contact: Air Ride Technologies, Dept. MT, 350 S. Charles St. Jasper, IN 47546, (812) 482-2932,
Photo 5/16   |   sema New Products hose Clamp
Super Hose Clamp
The Pi-Thon Induction Lock is a billet aluminum compression fitting that replaces conventional air intake hose clamps. Those unsightly pieces of steel can be forever replaced with this polished piece of ingenuity that offers superior sealing performance due to its compression clamp design. The Pi-Thon Induction Lock also comes in a hi-luster, polished aluminum finish. For more information, contact: Pi-Thon Design Inc., Dept. MT, 2520 Turquoise Cir., Ste. B., Newbury Park, CA 91320, (805) 376-9990,
Photo 6/16   |   sema New Products tailgate Controller
Show Off Yer' Tail
JSC Engineering Inc. showed up at SEMA with its new Droptail automatic tailgate controller. Those of you who haven't already molded your mini's tailgate shut and commute to work via a major highway will appreciate this trick item. The Droptail is a radio frequency-activated linear actuator that lowers the tailgate into the more aerodynamic downward position whenever your merge onto the highway. Driving long distances with the tailgate down will increase your mini's fuel economy, and the tailgate can be raised into the closed position whenever you like. For more information, contact: JSC Engineering Inc., Dept. MT, 26500 West Agoura Rd., Ste. 102-503, Calabasas, CA 91302, (818) 878-0578,
Photo 7/16   |   sema New Products brake Kit
Even Stops A Hurricane!
The Brake Man Inc. introduced its new Storm System brake kit with new "wave design" rotors. The cross-drilled and vented steel rotor design dissipates heat quicker than a conventional rotor and looks cool to boot. The Storm System also comes with The Brake Man's patented F3 Tornado four-piston calipers for supreme stopping performance and polished good looks. Make sure to buy a set of huge wheels to show off these incredible brakes! For more information, contact: The Brake Man Inc., Dept. MT, 838 Calle Plano, Camarillo, CA 93012, (805) 987-7867,
Photo 8/16   |   sema New Products kreepster
A Better Creeper
The Kreepster is a complete redesign of our favorite shop tool: the creeper. The Kreepster's chassis design gets you closer to where the action is: the floor. The Kreepster is made from lightweight aluminum and utilizes space-age components for increased durability and ease of movement. For more information, contact: 4 Tek, Dept. MT, 15700 Arnold Dr., Sonoma, CA 95476, (707) 996-3918,
Photo 9/16   |   sema New Products subwoofer
Huge Bass
Pioneer Electronics topped even itself when it created the TS-W5000SPL subwoofer. The sub's voice coil is ceramic-coated to dissipate heat, and the overhung surround permits long cone excursions. The cone itself is made up of interlaced carbon fiber and a triple-stacked, high-energy magnet structure features an aerodynamic gap design. The TS-W5000SPL sub will handle as many as 5,000 watts of music power. For more information, contact: Pioneer Electronics USA Inc.,
Photo 10/16   |   sema New Products rear Differential Cover
Hellacious Diff Covers
Molten Image Design builds the most incredibly evil rear differential covers you've ever seen. If your mini has a GM 10- or 12-bolt rearend, then Molten Image Design has a slew of rear differential cover designs to suit your individual style. Everything from flames to skulls can be put on your mini's rear. For more information, contact: Molten Image Designs, Dept. MT, P.O. Box 741 Springville, UT 84663, (801) 489-7287,
Photo 11/16   |   sema New Products hurricane Air Suspension Kit
Serious Flow
Chassis Tech Inc. dropped its new Hurricane air suspension kit that offers as many as 9 gallons of reserve air in chrome-plated tanks. The all-in-one air supply kit boasts a 300psi competition valve manifold and either single or dual DC5000 or DC7000 compressors. If you are looking to put some extreme motion into your air suspension, then this is the setup for you. For more information, contact: Chassis Tech Inc., Dept. MT, 260 S. Hibbert, Mesa, AZ 85210, (800) 862-8789,
Photo 12/16   |   sema New Products airbag
Next Generation 'Bags
Airlift brought out its new Generation II Extreme airbags, and they are badass. The Gen II 'bags have billet aluminum end plates that are bonded and crimped to a new, two-ply, high tensile strength rubber bellow. The new bellows are reinforced with a center steel ring, and every Gen II 'bag is available with either single or dual 1/2-inch ports. For more information, contact: Airlift Inc., (800) 248-0892,
Photo 13/16   |   sema New Products lambo Hinge System
Lamborghini Styling For Your Mini
Auto Loc's new Lambo Hinge System allows you to convert your standard-opening doors into an upright, Lambo style of entry. The hinges require no fabrication, welding, or cutting of the stock doors and simply bolt into place. How cool is that? For more information, contact: Auto Loc, Dept. MT, 1281 Northeast 25th Ste. M, Hillsboro, OR 97124, (800) 873-4038,
Photo 14/16   |   sema New Products fantachrome
Fantasmic Chrome Look-A-Like
Alsa Corporation's Fantachrome produces a mirror-like finish on nearly any surface. Fantachrome is a water-based spray-on coating that results in a near-perfect chrome finish on metal, fiberglass, plastic, glass, and many other surfaces. Fantachrome can also be applied in many other colors and is less costly and less detrimental to the environment than actual chrome plating. For more information, contact: Alsa Corporation, Dept. MT, 2640 E. 37th St. Vernon, CA 90058, (323) 581-5200,
Photo 15/16   |   sema New Products convoluted Airbags
Triple Play 'Bags
Universal Air Suspension Company is a new company that is building its own innovate 'bag designs. Its new Triple Play triple convoluted airbags have a compressed height of just 5 inches and an extended height of 11 inches for an extreme amount of suspension travel. The 'bags also come in both 3/8- and 1/2-inch port sizes and have a load rating of more than 2,600-pounds at 110 psi. For more information, contact: Universal Air Suspension Company, Dept. MT, 463 W. Highland Ave., San Bernardino, CA 92405, (909) 475-8768,
Photo 16/16   |   sema New Products high Pressure Switches
High-Pressure Switches
Master Image Customs will customize a pressure switch to suit any of your air suspension needs. The standard switch will kick on your compressors until they reach 145 psi and the adjustable pressure switch will reach a maximum of 400 psi, if you so desire. The adjustable pressure switch will also cover a 100 to 400psi operating range if your compressors are up to the task of propelling a truly fast air suspension system. For more information, contact: Master Image Customs, Dept. MT, 1380 Lakeview Ave., Anaheim Hills, CA 92807,


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