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Letters To The Editor - Paper Cuts - May 2003

May 1, 2003
'Bagging on a Budget
Hey Guys,
First, I'd like to take my hat off for your magazine, as I've gotten many ideas for my '94 S-10 from you extensive show coverage. My problem is that I've lowered my truck 5 inches all the way around, and although it looks good, it rides like a tank. I want to 'bag it but I'm on a budget, so I can't afford a fancy system. I just want to lay it flat and get a decide ride. What would be the best way to go and what would it cost me? Thanks in advance!
Ruff Ryder
Delbarton, West Virginia
Let's see just how cheap we can get and still make your truck adjustable. To 'bag the frontend of your mini, you'll need the mounts and a pair of 'bags. Looking at MIC's ad, I found four-piece front 'bag mounts for your truck that cost $149. A pair of 2500 'bags should run you about $150. By tying the two air lines for the 'bags together with a T-fitting and a schraeder valve, you'll have a cheap way of filling and releasing the air in the 'bags. The fittings and 1/4-inch air line should cost about 10 bucks.
A pair of shocks and relocators will run you another 100 bucks and that will handle the frontend. So, for just under $500, you'll be able to 'bag the front of your truck yourself. This is strictly an old-school setup and you'll need to stop at a local gas station to air the front of your truck up if you don't feel like dropping the cash for on-board air compressors, a reserve air tank, and manual valves.
'Bagging the rear of your mini will cost even more because in order to have your truck lay frame, you'll need to weld a step notch into the framerails. You'll also have to bolt or weld 'bag mounts and shock mounts to the axle tubes and framerails. This is not a cheap affair and should be left up to a reputable shop or a competent fabricator.
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Good Lookin' Out
Sorry to hear about your Mr. T bobble-head doll. As a token of our appreciation, we bought you a new one, courtesy of our club, Insane Images. We also enclosed our club logo.
Insane Images
Decatur, Alabama
You guys rule! If you would have included your return address, I could have sent you some MT stuff as a thank you.
Hipo Motors and Hipo Chicks
I just received the January issue and I am a Ford Ranger fan. I have put a 302 roller motor and T-5 tranny in my truck. The top end of the motor is all Edelbrock with an ACCEL 300+ ignition system. I also swapped in a Ford 9-inch rearend that came from a '79 Lincoln with disc brakes and posi. If my truck had wings, it would leave the ground! I find your magazine full of good information and great tips for us common people. Keep up the great work!
Randall K.
Greencastle, Indiana
There is nothing common about you or your mini, Randall! In fact, you represent a segment of your sport that is just starting to take off, and that is the group of mini-truckers who wants to go fast and drive low. Engine swaps are all the rage these days, and yours is a prime example of using brand-specific parts to produce a truck that looks good and performs. Keep up the good work!
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We're Number One in Prison!
I just wanted to let you know that Mini Truckin' is number one in jail. It's the most popular magazine. Just inform your readers not to break the law to support their hobby or they'll end up in jail. If you could tell me what issue had the coverage of the 1999 East Coast Nationals in it I'd appreciate it. My truck was in your magazine in that coverage.
Jason S.
Mini Trucker 4 Life
It's so comforting to know we are such a hit with prisoners nationwide. Not a week goes by that we don't get a letter from an inmate telling us what a great job we are doing. Most just check out the mag for the chicks, but unfortunately, some are real mini-truckers. No one wants to go for a ride on the gray goose, so be good. Oh yeah, the ECN coverage was in the Mar. '00 issue.
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Missed That One
Dear Staff,
You guys put out a great mag. It has tons of treat features and my favorites are the cover and centerfold. I got a question for you. Have you ever put suicide doors on a mini and then done an article on it? Or are you planning on doing it to one of your project trucks? Please tell me if you have done this or are doing it soon. Thanks in advance.
Fred X.
Smalltown, Maine
Back in the Nov. '02 issue, we threw the spotlight on Thorbecke Fabrication as it switched up a pair of doors on a '92 Chevy S-10 using hinges from Carolina Custom Hot Rod Parts. The article begins on page 60. You have to remember that issue with Mike Whites crazy convertible Mazda on the cover.


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