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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - May 2004

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MT Staff
May 1, 2004
Photo 2/6   |   mini Truck Parts May 2004 bolt In Crossmember
Lay It Out
Now you can lay your '98-'03 S-10 or Sonoma on the ground with your air system; no more teeter-tottering on that factory defect of a carrier-bearing crossmember that hangs below the frame. This bolt-in crossmember is an easy alternative to cutting and rebuilding your factory carrier-bearing crossmember. It also raises your carrier bearing, assisting in its realignment for a lowered stance to eliminate driveline chatter and undo wear and tear. For more information, contact: TrenDesign Autosports, Dept. MT, 1600 N. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, NC 28083, (866) 869-2869.
Photo 3/6   |   mini Truck Parts May 2004 alphasonik Subwoofer
Bulletproof Bass
Alphasonik introduces its new PSW610 10-inch Alpha 600-series subwoofer. Each 'woofer is proprietary cast-aluminum alloy with machine-cut Alpha basket and cooling rings for motor assembly. A Kevlar-reinforced, composite-balanced and laminated cone with double-layer surround makes this baby strong. Capable of 600 RMS watts, the patented eight-gauge Sure-Lok input and output terminals get the wattage were it belongs. Alphasonik used the most neutral-sounding material in the industry to make the cone; Virgin long-fiber Kraft pulp is air-cured, then strengthened with Kevlar. For more information, contact: Alphasonik, Dept. MT, 114 S. Berry St., Brea, CA 92821, (714) 988-0370,
Photo 4/6   |   mini Truck Parts May 2004 bolt On Rear Suspension Kit
Bolt-On Suspension
Now available from CanDo Specialties, these complete bolt-on rear suspension kits are capable of 14-17 inches of lift. These kits have been through rigorous testing, having been driven 90-95 mph on the freeway for hours and remained stable and smooth. You can drive it slammed, dragging, or raise it up, and the rearend stays straight, making for an excellent ride at any height or speed. All parts are laser-cut from /4-inch steel and TIG-welded for strength. Available now for Chevy S-10s and Toyota Tacomas, other bolt-on kits are in the works. CanDo Specialties also offers many weld-on rear link kits for just about any vehicle. For more information, contact: CanDo Specialties Inc., Dept. MT, 4481 Lincoln Blvd., Oroville, CA 95966, (530) 533-8680,
Photo 5/6   |   mini Truck Parts May 2004 route 66 Wall Clock
Kustom Klocks
Faded Kolors has developed a complete line of vintage-style wall clocks with the custom enthusiast in mind. Faded Klocks are designed to reflect the custom era of the '50s. With their simulated weathered look, these clocks replicate an authentic clock of days gone by. With a 12-inch face and several styles to choose from, they have a style to fit every personality. Made from lightweight materials with a heavy-metal look, you can decorate any household, garage, or shop with the many unique designs, or promote your own business by having Faded Kolors design a clock with your company logo or personalized design. Each Faded Klock uses brass hardware and runs on a mini-quartz clock motor with accuracy to 15 seconds per month. For more information, contact: Faded Kolors, (714) 396-0519,
Photo 6/6   |   mini Truck Parts May 2004 enginechek
Cheap Insurance
Stewart Development has created a product that provides cheap insurance in engine monitoring and can reveal a problem before major damage is done to your engine. EngineChek is a fine-mesh stainless-steel screen that fits loosely inside the gasket on your oil filter. It's designed to catch any debris that's suspended in your oil before it disappears inside the filter, allowing you to check for unusual engine wear without having to cut open your oil filter (as race car teams do). Metal filings may indicate bearing or cam wear (depending on the material); plastic shavings could reveal timing chain guide damage on overhead cam engines; black bits of carbon would expose excessive blow-by; and so on. For more information, contact: Stewart Development, Dept. MT, 6006-B Ballpark Rd., Thomasville, NC 27360, (800) 476-7141,


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