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Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - September 2004

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Mike Alexander
Sep 1, 2004
Photo 2/7   |   mini Market faze Gauge
Street Fusion
Faze Gauge introduces Reverse Street FuzionEL meters, featuring a black face, blue electroluminescent backlighting, and a red LED-lined pointer. Beyond the high-performance look, Reverse Street FuzionEL instruments incorporate state-of-art technology to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring of a vehicle's critical systems. Thanks to their slim-line design, finding room to fit the Reverse Street FuzionEL instruments in any vehicle is easy, even where dash space is limited. For more information, contact: Faze Gauge, Dept. MT, 15825 Industrial Pkwy., Cleveland, OH 44135, (800) 228-7667,
Photo 3/7   |   mini Market ride Tech
Smooth Ride
Shockwave 7000 is Air Ride Technologies' newest rear air spring and shock combination. It's engineered specifically for lighter-weight vehicles with lighter load capacities where a softer spring rate is preferred. The Shockwave 7000 is 4 inches in diameter, so it can be mounted in the most compact of places. The Shockwave is a completely bolt-on application and fits easily with eye, trunnion, or stud mounts. The Shockwave 7000 uses a flexible 12-position valving arrangement that ensures a wide variety of ride-quality combinations. For more information, contact: Air Ride Technologies, Dept MT, 350 S. Saint Charles St., Jasper, IN 47546, (812) 482-2932,
Photo 4/7   |   mini Market craftsman
Get Your Weld On
The new Craftsman Wire Feed MIG/Gasless Welder allows precise control of both voltage and wire-feed rate, as well as a choice of MIG (metal inert gas) or gasless (flux-core) welding. It operates on a 120-volt current and is mounted on a heavy-duty cart for portability. A choice of four solid-state voltage settings lets the operator select the best heat level for different types and thicknesses of metal. The unit welds steel ranging from 24-gauge to 3/16-inch in a single pass. Built-in thermal overload protects the welder from overheating. For more information, contact: Craftsman, Dept. MT, 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, (800) 549-4505,
Photo 5/7   |   mini Market joker Machine
Not Joking Around
Joker Machine has a clean solution that allows you to neatly branch out from a single hose and add three to five more. Joker manufactures five different multitap fuel fittings with a single 1/8-inch pipe thread on the side and three to five more around the outside perimeter. This setup provides plenty of places to tap into when adding carburetors or rerouting fuel for NOS systems. You can even order a unit with more fittings than you need and block them with Allen-head plugs, leaving room for future expansion. For more information, contact: Joker Machine, Dept. MT, 4668 Mission Blvd., Montclair, CA 91763, (909) 613-0028,
Photo 6/7   |   mini Market so Cal Speed Shop
Strength and Beauty
SO-CAL Speed Shop has announced the introduction of American-made stainless-steel clevises. Holding the thread tolerance on a 2-inch shank is very difficult, but the threads on these clevises are machined, not rolled; therefore, they hold thread pitch tolerance. Highly polished, these clevises are made in the U.S. from 303-grade stainless steel and come complete with a stainless jamb nut. For more information, contact: SO-CAL Speed Shop, Dept. MT, 1357 E. Grand Ave. Pomona, CA 91766, (909) 469-6171,
Photo 7/7   |   mini Market LC Engineering
Spark It
LC Engineering now offers the Crane Fireball HI-6 Ignition Box and LX91 Performance Coil for the 22RE Toyota engines. Team this with the company's 8-1/2mm Pro spark plug wires to get that extra performance you've been looking for. This product is available in polished red, blue, or silver. For more information, contact: LC Engineering Inc., Dept. MT, 2031 Holly Ave., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, (928) 505-2501,


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