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Letters to the Editor - Paper Cuts - January 2005

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Mike Alexander
Jan 1, 2005
Switchin' It Up
Dear Mini Truckin',
I'd like to start by saying that this is a great mag. I just recently made the biggest switch anybody could: I went from the import racing scene to a full-blown mini-trucker. I used to have a Supra Turbo, but there's just something about minis that I love. I just bought a '94 Isuzu p'up and I already slammed it, shaved it up, and am getting ready to 'bag it. I need to know where to start. I'm also looking for exterior parts as well. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Travis Fowlkes
Covington, Tennessee
Hey Travis,
Well, you definitely chose the right path, and we promise you won't be disappointed by coming over to the mini-truckin' side of things. It sounds like you've already picked up a pretty cool truck for your first project. The Isuzu has a torsion setup and can be handled with a full 'bag kit from FBI [(877) 324-6464]. The guys at FBI can answer all your questions and get you the kit that's right for you.
Photo 2/6   |   paper Cuts super Hero Concepts
Super-Low Explo'
Hey MT,
I'm a long-time reader of your magazine and love all the helpful information. I was very pleased to see that my buddy Alan "Farva" Jackson was featured in the Oct. '04 issue. The reason I wrote is because the show coverage from Spring Fling on pg. 76 has an Explorer with the same body style as my friend's. We're customizing it right now, and we were wondering what the owner did to the suspension to get it so low. We realize that we'll probably have to cut a lot of it, but we aren't scared to do that since we already cut a huge hole in the roof for the full-sliding ragtop. We'll send some pics soon. Thanks for any information you have.
Kenny and Joey
Super Hero Concepts
Hey Kenny And Joey,
Yeah, we just love Farva around here. Get him a "liter of cola" the next time you see him, and tell him it's from his boys over here at MT. Well, you're right about the cutting on the Explorer. The truck pictured is not only 'bagged all the way around, but it's also body-dropped, laying the rockers flat to the floor. As far as 'baggin' the Explorer, it's an I-beam setup, but the I-beams might actually be longer than the Ranger's setup, so the fabricators probably swapped out the suspension and fabbed an I-beam 'bag setup. Contact [(812) 782-3581;] and see what the company can do for you.
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Custom Wheel
Hey MT,
I have an '00 Toyota Tacoma and I'd like to have a custom steering wheel put on. Everyone I talk to says it can't be done, yet I see all model-years of Tacomas with custom steering wheels every time I flip through these pages. I hope you can help me because I'm not sure where to go next. Thanks.
via e-mail
Hey David,
Do not despair. If you're looking to put a custom steering wheel on your truck, get in touch with Clyde from Silver Star Customs [(662) 342-6763;]. SSC makes a steering wheel adapter for your truck that no other manufacturer offers. Good luck.
Pat On The Back
Dear MT,
I just wanted to tell you that the Mini Truckin' issue I read today is the best this magazine has ever put out. I've been a reader since 1995 and subscriber since 1997, and it just keeps getting better and better. I enjoy the monthly columns, whether you talk about something important or just make me laugh with all the stories. You all seem like family to me, and I guess that's definitely what it's all about - a large mini-truckin family that covers the world. Thanks so much.
Kris "Lucky" Malsky
via e-mail
Hey Kris,
We need encouragement just like everybody else every now and then, and letters and appreciation such as yours really make it all worth it. Although we play with cool trucks all the time, it still is work, and we try very hard to put out the best damn custom-lifestyle magazine we can. Keep on reading, and we'll definitely keep on bringing you the baddest trucks, coolest shows, hard-core tech, and best lifestyle coverage you'll find anywhere.


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