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Letters to the Editor - Paper Cuts - October 2005

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Chad Lucas
Oct 1, 2005
Photo 2/4   |   the Holy Grail front View
The Holy Grail
Dear Mini Truckin'
I've been a fan of Mini Truckin' for as long as I can remember. Never having the money to go big, I always did chop work to sit low. I'm working on my '87 S-Dime myself, and have no money for professional help. What I really want to do now is a body drop. I have a good idea as to what needs to be done, but I was wondering if you could get me more information. I have an old S-Dime for practice, so as not to mess up my real project. My buddies and I have a small truck club and we want to look good for the local truck shows this year. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.
Cory K/Demented Imagez
Dalton, Wisconsin
It's great to see that you're doing your own work and are a die-hard mini-trucker. The mod you are wishing to do is the most hard-core and biggest grave-digging one you can do. This mod has claimed the lives of more trucks than any other. Then again, for a good reason - nothing looks better than a mini-truck with rockers buried in the pavement. The first thing to ask yourself is how you want to body-drop your ride. There is the traditional body drop, which contains stepping your floor board, then there is a stock-floor body drop. We did a three-part body drop tech article starting in our Dec. '01 issue and continuing through Feb. '02. To get a hold of back issues, call (866) 601-5199. Also, many shops, such as IF Customs, have basic buildup photos on their Web sites (IFC's is Always remember: Measure twice and cut once. Good luck.
Start Your Engines
Dear MT,
Hi, my name is Derrick Roberts and I'm 16 years old. I've been reading truck mags for about three months. I'm not a subscriber yet but plan on being one soon. I recently read your March '05 issue, and was specifically interested in Shane Schaffers' '97 Nissan. It says that when he got his truck, he was enrolled in Wyoming Technical Institute. I would like to know if you could tell me more about that school. I would really appreciate help with this. I love customizing trucks and would like to make it my career. Keep up the good work.
Derrick Roberts
Smithton, Missouri
Hey Derrick,
It's great to hear that you want to make mini-truckin' your life. It's people like you who are the future of mini-truckin. We can't think of a better place for you to start than Wyoming Tech, or Wyotech as it is commonly referred. The easiest place to grab your information for this automotive trade school would be to access its Web site at or call (888) 741-4270. Wyotech offers you multiple locations throughout the U.S., including three locations in California, and locations in Wyoming, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The school offers classes for autobody, engine and chassis, aviation, diesel, HVAC, and plumbing. It is very easy to get started at Wyotech. You will have to go through an interview process to see if the school is right for you, after which if you are approved, the Wyotech staff will help you to prepare for your start date, whether it be housing or financial-aid issues. In as little as nine months, you can complete the training and begin pursuing a career you love.
Bronco II Be Low
Dear MT,
I just purchased a '90 Ford Bronco II as a new project. I am at a loss; I can't find a drop kit for it. My question is, Will a '90 Ranger drop kit work? If this is not the case, what would I have to swap? Any help getting me closer to Mother Earth would be appreciated. Keep up the great work.
Pinson, Alabama
With a little research under our belt, we came up with some answers. We consulted a few people who we know to have dabbled with these vehicles. The suspension on the Bronco II is the same as a Ranger of the same year, considering it is a 4x4. AIM does make lowering components for the Bronco II, so give them a call.


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