2004 Toyota Tacoma Air Ride Suspension - Baggin' The Rear Of A Tacoma

A Few Tricks Of The Trade

Mike Alexander
May 1, 2006
Photographers: Bobby Martins
Photo 2/35   |   Here's a look at the virgin metal awaiting a frame-laying stance.
When it comes time to 'bag your first truck, most would think that an '80s or early '90s mini-truck would probably be the victim of choice for a first-timer. However, this is not the case here. We're going to walk you through the buildup of a rear suspension setup to lay out a '04 Tacoma on 20s. Since this is the owner's first bagged truck, he wanted to make sure the truck was in the hands of a professional. After shopping around, the choice was made to turn the truck over to Bobby at Sadistic Iron Werks for the full treatment to get this '04 layin' frame in no time.
Rather than going the usual tech article 'bag job route and just showing an overview of the whole install, we thought it would help to get more in-depth on what actually goes into setting up the suspension and making sure the truck is safe and reliable. Because the truck is practically brand new and the stock gas tank is being utilized, Bobby built a reverse system. Since Sadistic Iron Werks pride themselves on ride quality and reliability, every precaution was taken to assure that the suspension was set up to guarantee the truck could be driven daily with no adverse affects. Follow along to see what it takes to lay frame on 20s. For more information, contact the company listed in the source box.
Photo 9/35   |   2004 Toyota Tacoma notch Measurement
To give more valuable information we put together a basic way to measure notch placement. Bobby uses a 12x12x12 2x3-inch Sadistic Iron Werks notch for a clean look.

Notch Measurement:
(Tire Height + rear end diameter) / 2 = top of the rear end

Next, using a long straightedge measure from the bottom of the frame to the frame height where the center of the rear end sits. With this info use the equation:

Top of the rear end - stock frame height = the bottom of the notch

So, to recap, let's plug numbers so it makes sense:

26 (tire height) + 4 (rear end diameter) = 30/2 = 15 (top of the rear end)

15 (top of the rear end) - 12 (stock frame height) = 3 (So the bottom of the notch needs to sit 3 inches taller.)


Sadistic Iron Werks
Hesperia, CA 92345
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