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Letters To The Editor - Paper Cuts - May 2006

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Chad Lucas
May 1, 2006
Photo 2/4   |   letters To The Editor May 2006 mexican Flag And Truck
Dear MT,
I want to attempt to perform a body drop on a '97 S-10 single cab. Could you please send me any info or pics on doing this? I remember there was an article on this, but I don't have those issues. I also want to clear out my engine bay to keep only the engine and brake system, but I'm not sure on what things I really don't need or can just take out or move. Please give me some advice on these topics. My subscription is over and I want to reorder, but I live in Mexico. Would there be any mailing cost to get it down here? Thank you!
Brent Tassone
Via the Internet, somewhere in Mexico running from the law
Many questions, and lucky for you, we have many answers. I don't know how you'll get this reply, as you don't have a subscription anymore, but hopefully through osmosis you will get your answers. The body drop tech you are talking about would be a series of tech articles called "Totally Hammered 1-3." These tech articles can be seen in our December '01-February'02 issues. Check eBay or with your friends to see if they have copies. As far as your engine bay, there is never one correct way to do this. Non-essentials such as your washer fluid reservoir, charcoal canisters (for non-Green Party affiliates), wiper motors, A/C (for those unable to keep them in the midst of lower dreams), and the relocation of your wiring harnesses and fuse box to under the dash or in a center console will get rid of a ton of unneeded clutter. For subscription questions, contact (386) 447-6385,
Photo 3/4   |   letters To The Editor May 2006 drawing
Dear MT Staff,
I'm writing to you because I'm currently in the worst place you could imagine: prison. I've been down for over a year and have always wanted to build a mini, but my priorities were screwed up and now I'm paying for it. I believe that my sentence has helped me to straighten out my priorities. With my father's help I plan on attending auto body repair and paint school. Do you know of any good schools? One of my dreams is to get a ride featured in Mini Truckin'. Since I won't be having a truck featured for some time I thought I would give you a taste of my art design skills. Keep up the good work and don't forget to DRAG IT!!! If you don't mind, I would like to give a shout-out to my little truckette Haley. I miss and love you, baby girl. Daddy's going to be home soon. Thanks, guys!
Keith Gladwin
Arizona State Prison
Well, I'll tell you what; we're thrilled at the amount of mail that we get from behind bars. And no, I'm not talking trash. To know that we are someone's crutch when they're at the low point in their life is amazing. A lot of us take for granted the simple things in life. But not anyone who is detained against their will. We'll give you a few options on learning these trades, Keith. The first would be Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, AZ. Check them out at As always, Wyotech ( has multiple facilities around the country that hundreds of mini-truckers have attended. Local colleges in your area will usually have courses offered for paint and body, and last but not least, if you just want to jump in the fire with Bacardi 151 poured over you, try to get a job with a shop and do grunt work. Over time they will teach you the trade, and you know what they say: "Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get if you don't."
Photo 4/4   |   letters To The Editor May 2006 front End
Dear MT,
I own a '00 GMC Sonoma that I want to give a facelift. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find aftermarket headlights anywhere. If you could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.
Ryan Lechowicz
Lakewood, Colorado
Believe it or not, we couldn't find aftermarket headlights for a Sonoma either. If there were some made in the past, most likely production was stopped. What a lot of people do is upgrade their grille and headlights to those of an Envoy. This will give you an aftermarket headlight look, as they're projection.


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