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Air Ride Suspension - Yo Complete Guide To Suspension

Chad Lucas
Jun 1, 2006
Photo 2/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories oasis Mfg
Oasis Now In Chrome
Oasis Manufacturing introduces their '06 XD3000 12-vdc air compressor. This extreme-duty monster delivers 8 cfm at 100 psi, with a 200-psi max pressure rating for the most demanding air suspension applications. This behemoth fills a 5-gallon tank from 0 to 150 psi in 54 seconds and has a max pressure of 200 psi! The insane numbers are attributed to a commercial-duty motor directly coupled to a 10ci, twin-cylinder York compressor. The entire unit is now available show-chrome-plated. For more information, contact (949) 768-4311 or check out
Photo 3/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories silver Star Customs
Silver Star Customs'Ranger I-Beam Brackets
These newly designed SSC Ranger I-Beam brackets can be installed in a few hours without cutting into the frame and can hold 2500 or 2600 bags. For more information, contact (662) 342-6763 or check out
Photo 4/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories devious Customs
Devious Customs One-Piece Step Notch
Devious Customs offers their one-piece step notch that will fit all Chevys, Fords, Dodges, and imports. Three hours of welding is saved and countless tools are given a rest, as it is already smoothed. They are made of 3/16-inch box tubing for an unbreakable stance. For more information, contact (909) 947-1800 or check out
Photo 5/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories air Zenith
Air-Zenith Gets Colorful
Air-Zenith now offers multiple color options on its popular 100% 200-psi fast air pump. Violet, blue, green, silver, and gold have been added to the OG red. Air-Zenith compressors feature 2.85-cfm output and are fully rebuildable with patented interchangeable-piston technology. For more information, call (702) 270-7988 or check out
Photo 6/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories street Beat Customs
Street Beat's Asco Manifold
Asco air suspension manifolds are the highest flow manifold on the market. With a single pressure inlet and exhaust capability, it minimizes tubing and fitting proliferation. It controls all four wheels from one location and can be installed alone or in groups of two or four with a manifold ganging kit. For more information, contact (800) 771-6908 or visit
Photo 7/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories avs Nitrogen Bottle Brackets
Avs Nitrogen Bottle Brackets
AVS has everything you need to install a 7-inch or 9-inch nitrogen bottle on your ride. AVS's kit consists of a pair of epoxy-coated, steel, laser-cut brackets with mounting hardware included, along with a 600-psi nitrogen regulator and a 6-foot #8 hydraulic hose to plumb to your air tank and fittings. All you need to do is get yourself a nitrogen bottle. All parts in the kit are also available separately. For more information, contact (559) 486-5444, check out, or e-mail them at
Photo 8/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories macs Spring
Mac's ContiDouble-Bellow Bag
Conti's double-bellow bags collapse down to four inches and extend out to 13 inches, making for nine inches of working stroke. So, for all of those off-the-wall ideas, here you go. For more information, contact (800) 585-5117 or check out
Photo 9/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories cando Specialties
Cando Cantilever Four-Link
CanDo's cantilever four-link works great on most mini-trucks or full-sizes. The kit comes with all hardware, brackets, and bag mounts. This kit can be used as an all-forward or all-reverse four-link. Air bags are not included, and all kits are built in-house at CanDo Specialties Inc. For more information, check out
Photo 10/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories stylin Concepts
Stylin Concepts' BelltechColorado Solution
Stylin Concepts announces the release of Belltech's new coilover suspension setup for the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. With a housing made from strong and sturdy polished stainless steel and a shock/spring combination that's custom tuned for your exact application, you'll enjoy both good looks and great performance, with up to 2.5 inches of lowering. For more information, contact (800) 434-5857 or check out
Photo 11/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories suicide Doors
Suicide Doors' S-10 Control Arms
Suicide Doors' new S-10 control arms are no joke. The top control arms feature CNC-machined cross-shafts and are built from 1-1/4-inch DOM tube with 1/4-inch wall thickness. They also feature 3/8-inch upper ball-joint mounting plate, capped and machined tubes (which allow for full wraparound welding from tube to plate) and Power Performance heavy-duty upper ball joints.The lowers consists of TIG welded tube joints, a reinforcement cross tube, CNC-bent tubing, 1/4-inch bag mounting plate, extra thick machined ball-joint housing to prevent ovalizing, 1-1/2-inch DOM tube with 1/4-wall thickness, and Power Performance heavy-duty ball joints. Did we mention the best part? They lay with 22s! For more information, contact (812) 782-3581 or check out
Photo 12/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories fbi Rides
FBI's Black Jack Valve
FBI offers what will be the cheapest 1/2-inch valve on the market. Their new Blitzluft true 1/2-inch valve with 1/2-body orifice comes powdercoated black for that stealth install, and it features a 280-psi rating and a one-year manufacturer's warranty. For more information, contact (877) 324-6464 or check out
Photo 13/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories gravity Werx
Gravity Werx Colored Air Line
Gravity Werx offers Parker Hannifin PFT Series DOT tubing in seven colors. The tubing is available in 1/4-inch through 1/2-inch, with a 150-psi rating and a 600-psi burst pressure. Some bigger sizes are available through special order. For more information, check out
Photo 14/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories low Rider Depot
Lowrider Depot's Complete Solution
Lowrider Depot has everything you need to get your ride closer to the ground (and adjustable, at that) with their all-in-one kit. For more information, contact (877) 698-3115 or check out
Photo 15/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories aim Industries
Aim Industries' Phoenix Bag6m
AIM's new Phoenix bags have a cross-threaded nylon lacing for extreme durability. They also have a 25-strand center ring that doubles as a bumpstop. These heavy-duty 'bags feature a thick upper and lower seal ring that is also inner lined with a steel ring, so you don't have to worry about the separation that often plagues air suspension. For more information, contact (800) 682-8789 or see
Photo 16/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories cce Street Edition Hydraulic Kit
CCE's Fluid Answer
CCE's Street Edition hydraulic kit comes with two of their chrome street series pumps, complete with four oil systems (Italian dumps), four 8-inch competition cylinders, Marzocchi heads, and all hoses and fittings. For more information, contact (888) 266-5969 or check out
Photo 17/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories godfather Customs
Godfather CustomsViair 480
Godfather announces the Viair 480 Series compressor. This 12-volt, 200-psi chrome compressor features an oil-free design, a high-performance PTFE piston ring, and a built-in, self-resetting thermal switch. For more information, contact (800) 231-1101 or visit
Photo 18/18   |   suspension Parts And Accessories wec Air Bag Kit
WEC Gets It Done With Ease
WEC's air bag kit is as complete as they come. It features two five-gallon, four-port tanks; four Conti or Firestone single-port 1/2-inch air bags; a billet water trap; 150-psi pressure switch; ten switch box; and eight 1/2-inch Parker solenoids with solenoid brackets. For more information, contact (951) 738-9858 or check out


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