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Letters To The Editor - Paper Cuts - January 2007

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Ernie Macias
Jan 1, 2007
DIB Customs
Hey, how's it going, man? I really love the magazine and all. I have a question on the cover truck for this last issue, which is the '91 Nissan Hardbody. I'm trying to find out how to get in contact with DIB Customs to see about getting my truck 'bagged. If you have any info on them as far as how to contact them, I would seriously appreciate it, man. Thanks a lot.
Unnamed e-mail
You can find all the info for DIB Customs in the Shop Shout-Outs part of the News section in this issue. Because these guys are so hip and cool, you can also check out their MySpace page by going to (You're just going to have to break down and ask to be their friend.)
Photo 2/3   |   letters To The Editor January 2007 truck Drawing
I Wanna Cut Stuff
Dear Mini Truckin',
I would like to start out by telling you why I'm writing you today. Well, I'm 14 years old and when I get older I want to get into the customizing business. Could you give me some advice on how to get there? Would I have to go to college? Also, I can draw really good, so I'm sending you a CD with some of my drawings and they're all lowered mini and fullsize trucks. If my drawings are good, could you put one of your favorite drawings of mine in one of your mags to come on the shelves? That would be really cool to show my friends. Well, if you could write back, if you have any questions or advice.
Aaron Jordan
Rickreall, Oregon
Thanks for sending so much artwork. As you can see, we picked a pretty cool body-dropped mini to run. There were several great drawings, so picking just one was a tough choice. As for what to do to get into the automotive customization business, going to school is definitely going to be the best way. There are several schools that specialize strictly in the automotive genre. One that comes to mind specifically for what you're looking for would be Wyotech. Wyotech has campuses throughout the United States, so they're readily available no matter where you live. You can go to directly for more information regarding their specific program breakdown. The closest campus to you would probably be the Sacramento, California, school. Wyotech is also available for tours and can be contacted directly by calling (916) 376-8888.
What's the Date Today?
Dear MT,
I'd like to start by saying thank you very much for sending me the September 2006 issue that somehow got lost in the mail. I have saved every issue going back to the summer of 1988. So needless to say I'm very grateful for your prompt sending of the September issue. I've been looking all over for a mini-truck calendar with no luck. Do you make a calendar? If not, I really think it would be cool if you did. Maybe take all the years' cover trucks and make a calendar. I think the past year has had some of the coolest issues of all time. Now with an extra thirty pages...WOW! What's next...two issues a month? I already loved the magazine. Now I find myself feeling as if it's Christmas every month when my issue arrives. Keep up the great work.
A longtime reader,
Tracy McCabe
Lakeview, Oregon
Great news, Tracy! Not only do we make a calendar, but you can pick up our upcoming February 2007 issue at your local newsstand and find that there will be a calendar in it. We've made several calendars over the years, including in 2006. Sometimes it's all cover trucks and sometimes it's an assortment of different trucks and cool pictures.
Photo 3/3   |   letters To The Editor January 2007 truckin Magazine
Old-School Is Back!
Hey, Mike. Wassup? I was wondering how I can get my hands on a Mini Truckin' pictorial mag from like '95. The issue I'm looking for has a lot of tech articles, and the main one I'm looking for is about how to air shock a Mazda B-series front end. Is there any way I could buy this specific mag? I know a lot has changed in suspension systems, but I'm going for a classic West Coast mini-truck look with the splash paint and the targa tops.
Via e-mail
Let me start off by saying that if you're really building that, it sounds awesome. I have always kicked around the idea of doing something like that, but I guess I haven't really had it in me to step up. So if you build it, I want to see some pics immediately. Now, as far as the issue you're referring to, I did some research and the only thing I could come up with is an issue called "Hot Mini-Trucks Pictorial," which was released by Truckin' in June of 1995. The issue was filled to the brim with tech, including removing the top, shaved taillights, and installing air shocks on the front of a B-series Mazda, which was on pages 74-77. The install was done using a Trendsetter's mail-order kit. We suggest cruising through eBay on occasion and keeping an eye out for the issue, or stopping by all the mini-truck forums and e-mail groups. Eventually, it should pop up for sale.
- OF


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