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A Day With Devious Customs - Custom Shop Tour

Holding It Down on the West Coast

Ernie Macias
Apr 1, 2007
Photographers: Ernie Macias
Photo 2/21   |   devious Customs shop Crew Trucks
If you've been minitruckin' for the past few years, then you've heard about Devious Customs. You don't have to be from So Cal to know who these guys are. Jeff Davy and his crew have made a hell of a name for themselves not only in the minitruckin' scene, but the whole automotive and truckin' life. Jeff is no stranger to challenging jobs and embraces them with open arms. Devious has rolled out some very popular trucks in the past few years and will continue to do so. The key to their success is staying true to their word and standing by their work.
On any given day, you can stop by Devious and find them hard at work. We here at Mini Truckin' were most impressed to find an assortment of mini trucks, including past features that were in for a face lift. Every corner of the shop was filled with people working hard on innovative projects, including the crazy S-10 with a Colorado face. Devious specializes in anything minitruckin' and, of course, they have turned out some pretty impressive full sizes, as well. One full-size in particular, that stood out to me, is the very impressive Nissan Titan, which really helped put them on the map. It's projects like this, and the killer minis, that help to keep Devious ahead of the competition.
Photo 3/21   |   devious Customs logo
Look for more Devious projects in the upcoming year as they team up with Mini Truckin' mag to lay out a Mitsubishi Raider. We can't wait to see them get their hands on it, We know they'll build one killer truck.
Who is Devious Customs?
Name: Jeff Davy
Marital status: Married with kids
Originally from: Jeff is from South Dakota, but has lived in So Cal for the past 11 years.
When Devious opened: April 1, 1999 in the city of Chino. One bay tandem that fit around two cars, three if they were crammed; the shop was roughly 1,200 sq-ft and was shared with a stereo shop.
Previous jobs: Roush Racing, Fabtech and CP Motorsports.
When did you start welding: He learned from a book. Just kidding, Jeff started welding when he was in high school, his dad was a welder by trade.
Number of employees: Typically 6-8, but it's been as many as 12. His staff currently includes: Tom, Dave, Slapper, Moses, James, Cody, Adam, and Chris.
Number of vehicles owned currently: 13 vehicles, 2 Harleys, and 1 boat. Wow, how do you keep up with all of those registrations Jeff? Not to mention the insurance costs.
Vehicles owned in his lifetime: Over 40, Jeff had four vehicles in high school.
First cover truck built: Double Deuce, a full-size in August of 2002, then he had a mini named Funktastic on the Cover of Mini Truckin' in September of 2002.
First mini owned: An '89 Chevy Blazer that was rolling on 18-inch wheels when full-sizes were still rockin' 17s. Jeff took his Blazer all over the West Coast to participate in shows, and this truck helped to get him into Negative Chamber 12 years ago.
First 'bagged truck owned: 1995
Types of vehicles owned: An '80 Regal on five stars with hydraulics in the front and a banging system, a '63 full-size Chevy on Hydros, a '53 Chevy full-size, and a '72 Chevy full-size monster truck.


Devious Customs
Ontario, CA 91761


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