2001 Ford F150 - Project Sinatra Part 4: Pavement Pounder

Sending The Power To The Ground On Project Sinatra

Dan Ward
Aug 1, 2007
Photographers: Dan Ward
Photo 2/23   |   2001 Ford F150 right Side View
Superchargers, nitrous, intakes, and exhausts are all great power adders; but if the power goes up in smoke, the effort and money spent were all for not. When rebuilding our F-150 SuperCrew, named Project Sinatra, we knew power would be a large area of concern. Sending the power to our truck was going to be an Auburn Gear High Performance limited slip unit, with a Precision Gears 4.10 ring and pinion bolted to it, and cooled by a Concept Pattern (C&P) differential cover. With our nearly 32-inch tall 24-inch wheel and tire combo on the Ford, the 4.10 gears will help us to get out of the holes much faster. Meanwhile, the Auburn Gear High Performance limited slip will ensure the extra added power will actually motivate the truck into a forward line. The key is to start with a trusted shop and quality parts when swapping gears and a differential in your truck, and so we contacted the pros over at Diff Works in Riverside, California, to perform the install. Known for its complete axle kits, Diff Works wasted no time tearing into the 6-year-old truck and had us back on the road before lunch. Lifted, lowered, or even stock with some bolt-on power adders, your truck can benefit from a new set of gears and a high-performance differential. For more information on these products and Diff Works capabilities, check out the sources box.
From the Driver SeatSimply put, our truck was a pig off the line. It couldn't get out of its own way even when the throttle was held to the floor. With the new 4.10 gears and limited slip in place, the truck actually had some pep to it when leaving a stoplight. There were no more one-legged burn-outs, because the Auburn Gear limited slip grabs both axles once one tire gets more traction than the other. Don't get me wrong, this 250hp machine is not a drag car, but there is a noticeable difference when driving the truck hard. Also, at highway speeds, the transmission kicks down upon hard acceleration and holds the gear until redline-a feat that had all of us baffled. This mod was both fast and relatively inexpensive, which are characteristics we love around here. Are you wondering why your truck isn't running at its peak performance level? You may just need a new diff and ring and pinion swap to discover your rig's full potential.
Your Questions Answered:
Time Spent Working 3-1/2 hours
Degree of Difficulty Advanced
(Years of experience is highly recommended when removing your differential.)
Parts Needed: Drain pan, metric sockets, air impact, slide caliper, hydraulic 10-ton press, air grinder, and new Lucas gear oil.
Parts Used:
Auburn Gear High Performance Limited Slip 542025 $395.95
Concept Pattern Satin Diff Cover for 8.8 inches C.P.7064 $89.95
Diff Works Installation and Labor $325.00
Precision Gears 4.10 Ring & Pinion F88/410 $169.95
Precision Gears Master Overhaul Kit F88/MOKIT $119.95
Total Cost $779.05
(Not including tax)  


Precision Gear
Suwanee, GA 30024
Diff Works
Corona, CA 92879
Auburn Gear
Auburn, IN
Concept Pattern
Grover Beach, CA 93433



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