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2005 Ford F150 - Skyjacker Lift Kit - Higher Calling

Installing a Skyjacker 6-inch lift kit on an '05 F-150

Larry Conville
Sep 1, 2007
Contributors: Calin Head
Photographers: Larry Conville
Photo 2/27   |   2005 Ford F150 front View
Cool trucks are cool trucks, no matter the shape, size, make, or model, as long as they have been customized. If stock trucks were all the rage, then this magazine would look a lot different, but luckily that is not the case. So, what do you do if you have a new F-150 parked in your driveway that is screaming, "Customize me"? You could add a grille and some other minor doodads, but would that be enough? No, it wouldn't. So, we are here today to show you how to put a little more distance between the bottom of the Ford and the ground.
Skyjacker has been lifting trucks since the '70s and is well known in the industry for lift systems for the 4x4 market. The company focused its attention to the two-wheel-drive market after receiving numerous calls inquiring about 2WD kits. And from those customer requests grew a wide array of choices for the '04-'07 Ford 2WD F-150 pickups. Skyjacker now offers three different performance suspension lift options: a 2-inch Leveling Kit with aluminum spacers, a 3-inch Coilover Shock Assembly, and a 6-inch Suspension System.
We decided to focus on the 6-inch setup, which just so happens to be the biggest one Skyjacker offers. The system is very complete. It includes Platinum Series coilover shock assemblies, CNC knuckles, high-clearance heavy-duty bracketry, and replacement SoftRide rear leaf springs. The whole install is straight forward and does not involve cutting, welding, or grinding. Altogether, this system maintains the factory geometric angles, alignment specifications, and structural strength.
You can do this installation in your garage with some very basic tools, a floor jack, a couple of jackstands, and some steady patience. The only unique items needed are a hydraulic press to remove the factory spindle and have it pressed into the new Skyjacker steering knuckle. You'll also need a coil spring compressor to disassemble and reassemble the front coilover shock assembly. Most competent shops will do these tasks for you for a small fee, but just make certain to do a little calling around to be sure you have one in your neighborhood before you start the teardown.
If you do it yourself, make sure the vehicle is on flat, level ground. Then, set the emergency brake and block the rear tires. Place the floor jack under the lower control arm's front crossmember and raise the vehicle. Place jackstands under the framerails, behind the front wheelwells, then lower the frame onto the stands. Of course, all this jacking and stand work can be avoided with the use of a lift, much like we used.
Photo 3/27   |   2005 Ford F150 lift Kit
What's In The Box?
Skyjacker provides everything needed to raise the F-150 6 inches, except the tools. All the brackets are powdercoated in a black finish-ours is a display kit, so it is red. For the front, you will get a set of Platinum Series Front Coilover Shocks and Knuckles. The shocks are high-pressure nitrogen gas-charged to ensure proper control, and the knuckles have more material in the critical stress points for improved durability. Out back, Skyjacker provides either SoftRide replacement rear springs or rear add-a-leaves. We chose to get the whole spring pack assembly for a more balanced kit.


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