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Mini Truck Parts & Accessories - Mini Market - March 2008

Want, Find, Buy, Build

Ashley Alexander
Mar 1, 2008
Photo 2/5   |   mini Market turnkey Engine
Turn Key
Introducing the new Turn Key Engine Supply LSX Series of High Performance Engines. It's available in naturally aspirated, tubocharged, and twin screw supercharged applications, with output ranging from 650 to a whopping 1,400 hp, there's no other lineup of engines that matches Turn Key in power, torque, and variety of applications. Displacement of the new LSX Series ranges from 427 to 486 cubic inches, with engine packages designed for street, strip, and sand. Since every Turn Key engine is custom built to your specifications, you get exactly what you want. This includes the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads, camshaft, and compression ratio. Other choices include whether the engine will be naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged. Each engine package includes an electric fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel regulator, complete serpentine system, pre-wired computer, harness, and much more. In addition, each engine package includes the patented Turn Key Engine Supply Five Wire System that insures an easy installation. Also a plug-and-play harness that includes a state-of-the-art Delphi ECM with Turn Key precision engineered calibration. The result is easy installation matched with incredible performance. For more information, call (760) 941-2741, or check out the website at
Photo 3/5   |   mini Market warn Industries
You've Been Warned
Warn Industries launches a new 12V On-Board Air Compressor line sure to spark an interest for air suspension users. Warn's premium units offer top-notch performance for a variety of uses; from powering air suspension systems and air tools to airing up tires, inflating camping equipment, you name it, and Warn can do it. This new line is made up of three premium air compressors: the VTC, SPI, and SPC. Each version features outstanding performance and the Warn quality compressor users have expected. These units come ready to run right out of the box, just attach the wiring, and you're ready to roll. To find a dealer near you, and for more information about these new onboard compressors, make sure to check out
Get It Ryte
Pressuryte is a brand-new pressure-based ride height system that is sure to make a splash in convenient air-suspension monitoring and use. Pressuryte is an affordable solution to automatic suspension monitoring systems. It enables more control of your daily driver in an airbagged vehicle and was developed to make the drive more enjoyable. Just sit back, relax, and rely on the Pressuryte system to take care of everything else.

This tiny unit is only 4.5 inches wide, 3 inches deep, and 4 inches tall, which makes it easy to install anywhere. General installation time is less than an hour and is designed to be installed on an existing air-suspension setup as a "piggyback" automatic ride-height system. In other words, if you turn it off, your system works exactly as it did before the Pressuryte was installed. The four 1/8-inch lines are hooked up exactly like air-gauge lines (you can even "T" these into your gauge lines), run a 1/4-inch supply line from your tank and wire up the on/off switch, and you're ready to ride. The system works with any size valves. The only thing you install in the cab area is an on/off switch, and it's always active. If you have a small leak and are on a long drive, Pressuryte replenishes even the smallest air leaks. For more information, contact Jay at Fab-Lab Customs (253) 332-8290, or check out


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