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2000 Dodge Dakota DJM Suspension Drop - Layin' Low - Tech

DJM Suspension's 3/5 Static Drop

Bob Ryder
Jun 1, 2008
Photographers: Bob Ryder
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Stance is a major piece of the overall custom-truck package. When building a simple daily driver, getting back to basics is a good thing, especially when talking about dependability, reliability and driveability. Sometimes the more technical we make things, there is a greater risk of error.
In the next few issues of Truckin', we are going to be transforming an '00 Dodge Dakota Sport V-8 Magnum 5.9L with a gear-grabbin' ZF 6S-850 six-speed manual transmission into a Red Ripper. From suspension, body mods, and interior this will make the Bow Tie and Blue Oval folks jealous of the Dodge Boys.
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In this first tech article, we will visit Pro Design Hot Rods in Santa Ana, California. Owner Mike Fillion assigned the team's installation specialist, Dave Gomez, to work his magic and install a DJM 3/5 static-drop kit. The DJM 3/5 drop kit consists of lowering the front with 3-inch dropped lower control arms, and shocks. Because the Dakota's rear end is already flipped atop the leaf springs, the front leaf spring hangers and rear shackles will be removed, then replaced with adjusted hangers and shackles, thereby creating a 5-inch drop in the rear, giving us a 3/5 inch lower, level stance. If you want to obtain a 4-inch drop in the front, shorter front coil springs can be installed, PNCA2397L-2 and PNCS2398-3. To obtain a 6-inch drop in the rear, 1-inch lowering blocks, PNSB23973, can be installed between the rear-end axle housings and leaf spring packs. New, longer U-bolts will also need to be installed. If you want to achieve a 6-inch drop in the rear, it is suggested to C-notch the framerails using PNFK2397-C. To achieve that lowered not slammed stance, we decided it was time to get back to basics.
Pro Design has been making hot-rod dreams become realities since 1983.
From The Driver Seat
The '00 Dodge Dakota DJM Suspension static lowering kit was a simple, straight forward suspension kit to install. The most strenuous effort was removing the rear shackles and hangers. Dave needed a pneumatic chisel to break the rivets and to extract the shackle plates and hanger plates from the framerails.
After the DJM Suspension static lowering kit was installed, the Dakota was given an accurate front-end alignment. After putting some miles on the new suspension components, the suspension settled some more. The kit lowered the front 3 inches, whereas it lowered the rear a good 5 inches. To achieve a 1-inch lower drop in the front, they installed a pair of DJM shorter coil springs, PNCS2398-3, to achieve a 4-inch total drop to the nose. Installing a 1-inch lowering block, PNSB2397-3, between the rear-end axle housings, and leaf spring packs, will give you a 6-inch total drop in the rear. When doing a 6-inch drop in the rear, it is suggested to install a C-notch frame kit, PNFK2397-C.
The driveability was good, the ride became firmer, but the cornering and handling were improved greatly. The DJM Suspension static lowering kit was a win-win situation: a great price and improved handling performance.
Tools Used
Four jackstands, two floor jacks, assorted 1/2-inch drive sockets, 1/2-inch drive hand ratchet, 1/2-inch driver pneumatic ratchet, assorted 3/8-inch drive sockets, 3/8-inch drive hand ratchet, 3/8-inch drive pneumatic ratchet, assorted combination wrenches, breaker bar, pneumatic chisel, pneumatic drill, and assorted drill bits.
Front Suspension Kit PNCA2397L-3 $419.95
1 left lower control arm
1 right lower control arm
8 pivot bushings
4 pivot sleeves
6 grease fittings
2 PN8413 ball joints
2 urethane bump stops
2 PN1315 front shocks
Rear Suspension Kit PNHS2397-5 $262.45
2 leaf spring hangers
2 shackle extenders
16 7/16-inchx1-¼-inch bolts
16 7/16-inch nuts
32 flat washers
2 urethane bump stops
2 PN1900 shocks
Total cost: $682.40



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