Lift Kit On A 2008 Ford F250 Super Duty - Up Your Big Truck

Readylift Has The Kit To Fit 35s Under Your Ford Super Duty

Brian McCormick
Jul 1, 2008
Photographers: Brian McCormick
Photo 2/25   |   ford F250 Super Duty lifted Truck
The most popular aftermarket modifications with truck enthusiasts today are suspension level/lift kits. More and more truck owners want to either level their truck or lift it just a little in order to install taller tires and improve their truck's appearance. One problem that owners of the Ford Super Duty run into is the unavailability of an intermediate-height lift system, one which is more than a leveling kit but less than a full-blown suspension lift kit. Some people want something in between, i.e. a lift that features more than a front-end spacer. They want a kit that is effectively a true fixed suspension lift kit and one that allows for the installation of larger, more aggressive off-road tires.
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The new Ford Super Duty trucks are pretty tall to begin with, but with the addition of ReadyLift's new Smart Suspension Technology 2.5 suspension lift kit, you get more than just a spring spacer. You get a true lift kit at a moderate height, and equally important, at a moderate price. ReadyLift's engineers developed this new lift kit for the Super Duty around the idea of providing the ability to install 35-inch-tall tires along with specific suspension components to correct changes in steering and suspension geometry. The kit comes with a front coil-spring spacer, extended lower shock brackets, a new front track-bar relocation bracket, a carrier-bearing spacer, and a 2-inch OEM-style rear lift block. This package provides 2.5 inches of lift on four-wheel-drive Super Dutys, which is perfect for installing 35-inch-tall tires. It is even feasible to fit 37-inch tires when using this kit, but 35s are the recommended size.
Photo 4/25   |   ford F250 Super Duty the Kit
To show you Super Duty owners who've been waiting for a kit just like this to come along, Sport Truck visited ReadyLift's headquarters to document the installation of the company's new 2.5-inch lift kit on an '08 Ford Super Duty F-250 4WD.
What's In The Box?
ReadyLift's kit comes with two front coil-spring spacers, extended shock brackets, a track-bar relocation bracket, a carrier-bearing spacer, and 2-inch lift blocks for the rear.
The ReadyLift 2.5 fixed lift kit is specifically designed for late-model Ford Super Duty 4WD trucks. It allows for upgrading to 35-inch-tall tires for a more aggressive look while retaining tire clearance without having to deal with a lift that, for some, may be too tall.
Photo 25/25   |   ford F250 Super Duty lifted Truck
The Final Word
The ReadyLift 2.5-inch Super Duty lift kit is great for trail runs or just looking good without compromising the factory ride or geometry. If you'd like to see a video featuring this lift, check out ReadyLift's website.


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