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Air Ride Suspension Guide - Suspension Madness

What's Going Down In Adjustable Suspensions

Galen Armenta
Sep 1, 2008
Photo 2/32   |   adjustable Suspension rear Green Chassis
This month, we present a bevy of hot new suspensions and components designed for most any minitruck. Every product featured is built with the utmost quality by a reputable company. In addition to the suspension kits, we also included some popular aftermarket accessories that will complement any suspension setup. Enough said. Enjoy the guide!
Photo 3/32   |   adjustable Suspension chassistech System
Chassistech's Plug 'N' Play system makes air suspension installation easier. Features include a 3/4hp compressor, eight valves mounted onto a manifold, and a 3-gallon aluminum tank. This E-Z air unit enables speedy installation and easy access of various air components. All you do is plug in the provided battery and ignition wires, because everything else is prewired.

(877) 480-3549
Photo 4/32   |   adjustable Suspension coolride Front System
Air Ride Tech
Air Ride Technologies has the front of an '82 to '03 S-10 covered with its CoolRide front system. It is offered in two versions that will work with or without other accompanying suspension components. Air Ride Technologies StrongArm tubular control arms and other suspension components are engineered to provide optimum performance and ride quality.

Air Ride Technologies
(812) 481-4787
Photo 5/32   |   adjustable Suspension asco Air Valves
Asco Air Valves
ASCO air valves and manifolds offer suspension builders greater performance and more efficient system installs. ASCO valves feature 300-psi inlet pressure capability, a DIN connection for easy wiring, compact size, and a high ambient temperature rating for under-hood applications. ASCO manifolds give you the highest flow ratings on the market, have a compact design, pressure gauge ports, single pressure and exhaust capa bility, and are group mountable for easy installation.
Mac's Springs
(800) 585-5117
Photo 6/32   |   adjustable Suspension pre Assembled Custom Gauges
Aurora offers the largest selection of pre-assembled custom gauges in the world. With Aurora's patented interchangeable gauge face system, you can enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of Aurora's premade designer gauges, then change the custom faces in the future without un-installing the gauge. All of Aurora's designer gauges come preassembled and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
The Hoffman Group
(800) 651-1970
Photo 7/32   |   adjustable Suspension air Zenith Pressure Gauge
Air-Zenith is proud to introduce Air-Zenith High Accuracy Digital Air Pressure Gauge. It is 220-psi rated, and comes with a high accuracy pressure sensor of +/- 0.1 percent, mounting hardware, and a wiring hardness. Available in two options: clear lens with a white face, or smoke lens with a black face. Plus, the gauge will display your truck voltage for 60 seconds, then switch back to air pressure. With Air-Zenith High Accuracy Digital Air Pressure Gauge, you can easily monitor your car voltage and air tank pressure. Air-Zenith also plans to release its new chrome compressor this summer.
(702) 270-7988
Photo 8/32   |   adjustable Suspension avs Switch Boxes
AVS has given its ARC-9 switch boxes a total makeover. The newly refined controller housings are available in black (smoke), clear, transparent blue, transparent red, radiator fluid green, and chrome. It also has several styles of billet aluminum models in a polished or satin-brushed finish, with a clear anodized coating to protect the finish. The new, smaller relay box has two inputs to control all up and down, via a wireless remote control (sold separately), and a low-profile wire terminal strip to make installation easy.
Photo 9/32   |   adjustable Suspension avs Air Ride Gauge
AVS' new digital air ride gauge is loaded with features. The LED displays five readouts for four corners and tank pressure as much as 235 psi. The kit comes with a chrome, brushed, and black trim plate. You can choose from seven LED display colors at the press of a hidden button. More buttons are conveniently hidden under the unit for setting low-pressure alarms. To make install a snap, and to eliminate the common ground problems, AVS includes extra-long plug-in wire harnesses for all five pressure senders. The pressure senders are very compact and are housed in an anodized billet body. A 1-year limited warranty is included.
(866) 507-2247
Photo 10/32   |   adjustable Suspension auto Pilot Digital Control System
Air Lift
The Auto Pilot Digital Control System is a complete, dash-mounted digital air management system, designed to be a great upgrade for today's custom trucks. The system is tuned to automatically learn a vehicle's suspension, and it also features one-touch ride-height adjustment, automatic ride-height on start, individual wheel control, all-inflate or deflate button, a digital volt meter, and leak detection. It is compatible with Air Lift's digital damping system and is easily installed in the vehicle's dashboard, with just one wire to connect.
Air Lift
(800) 248-0892
Photo 11/32   |   adjustable Suspension contitech Air Springs
Contitech air springs provide greater durability, higher burst pressure, longer stroke, and increased ride quality. The Contitech air springs come in a choice of two-ply or four-ply, in a variety of configurations from 2,500- to 2,800-pound capacities.
Mac's Springs
(800) 585-5117
Photo 12/32   |   adjustable Suspension hydraulic Setup
Cool Cars Engineering
Cool Cars Engineering (CCE) has a great hydraulic setup for the show participant. It is an all-chrome (pumps, fitting, and cylenders) two-pump street setup. This kit will enable you to do front, back, sides, and three-wheel motion on a standard, coil spring equipped vehicle. This can also be adapted to any vehicle, by using the additional components on CCE website's optional parts and upgrades section.
Cool Cars Engineering
(502) 969-7600
Dakota Digital
The ODY-19-4 Quad Air Pressure gauge can monitor and simultaneously display the front and rear pressure on front/rear or four-wheel independent air ride systems to display each airbag for proper pressure. The ODY-19-4 also displays the air tank pressure with other readings. All DHC-2000 Series systems offer unlimited control of the air ride system through the three user selectable preset heights and full manual control of the air system for minor changes, which will eliminate bulky rocker switches. These systems also feature the "auto raise" innovation that will instantly bring the vehicle to a safe driving height upon starting the vehicle. Handheld remote controls are also available to operate the vehicle's height for convenience.
Dakota Digital, Inc.
(800) 593-9723
Photo 15/32   |   adjustable Suspension fbi Kit
If you're looking for one kit that will get your S-10 laid out on big wheels, FBI has it. This is its ultimate combination of parts. Slam Specialties airbags, Blitzluft BlackJack valves, dual Viair 480 compressors, AVS seven-switch box, 1/2-inch air lines and fittings, front and rear brackets, 10-inch monster notch, 2-inch drop spindles, FBI Total Control A-arms, and a bolt-on four-link kit are included. This is an all-inclusive system that can save hundreds of dollars and countless hours searching for each piece in a kit.
Fender Benders Intl. (FBI)
(877) 324-6464
Photo 16/32   |   adjustable Suspension gtc Three Link Kit
GTC has developed a Canyon/Colorado three-link kit, which was designed for every body style of the GM midsized truck.
Photo 17/32   |   adjustable Suspension transmission Crossmember
It also has a transmission crossmember, which is for all of the Canyon/Colorado body styles. As an addition to the rear kit, GTC's basic front air suspension setup uses the stock control arms for all of the Canyon/Colorado owners who are on a tight budget.
GTC Fabrication
(208) 407-2704
Photo 18/32   |   adjustable Suspension easystreet Air Spring
EasyStreet is proud to announce its brand-new Dominator series line of air springs, the Dominator D2600. Featuring a maximum restrained pressure of 600 psi, 9.7-inches usable stroke, and a load range of 349-3055 pounds. Also, the Dominator D2500 air springs feature an unprecedented maximum restrained pressure of 600 psi, 7.7-inches usable stroke, and a load range of 294 to 2,096 pounds.
Air Lift Company
EasyStreet Division
(800) 248-0892
Photo 19/32   |   adjustable Suspension notch Crossmember
Cando Specialties
A 'bag over axle setup requires a strong crossmember that can support the weight of the truck. CanDo Specialties offers this 1-1/2-inch tig-welded notch crossmember. You can use it to mount your shocks, your air tank, or even your gas tank, and of course, reinforce your frame between the notches.
CanDo Specialties
(530) 533-8680
Photo 20/32   |   adjustable Suspension helix Suspension Control System
The Helix BAG8800 Advanced Airbag Systems offers the latest technology, the Autoloc Air Command Digital Air Suspension Control System, which includes programmable valve timing, presets, remote inputs, a built-in pump valve, alarm mode, independent and group airbag control, and a one-touch operation. All parts are certified and include detailed instructions for a smooth, trouble-free installation. Kits include a compressor, heavy-duty 'bags, valves, fittings, air line, controller, pressure switch, and more.
The Hoffman Group
(800) 651-1970
Give your truck a lowered look with a coil spring and spindle lowering kit from LMC Truck. With three different lowering options, from a 1-inch drop to a hammered 4/6 drop, LMC covers all aspects of lowering your '82 to '03 S-10. If you are looking for the handling aspect of your truck, LMC also offers drop shocks tuned for lowered vehicles and a line of front and rear sway bars for the ultimate in canyon-carving.
Long Motor Corp.
(LMC) Truck
(800) 562-8782
Photo 23/32   |   adjustable Suspension djm Kit
This all-new kit from DJM is designed to deliver the aggressive stance you want, without sacrificing your Tacoma's smooth factory ride and handling. The complete front and rear kit include a specially-engineered upper and lower control arms, heavy-duty 4-inch steel lowering blocks, C-notch, bump stops, and all the necessary installation hardware.
Stylin' Trucks
(800) 433-1809
Photo 24/32   |   adjustable Suspension viair Compressor
Viair Corporation is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest compressor to help air suspension users get the most from their air suspension systems. The Viair 495C is a 100-percent duty compressor (at 175 psi and 72-degrees Fahrenheit) and puts out 2.37 cfm at 0 psi, while drawing a maximum of 35 amps of power. This means that the 495C will pressurize a 5-gallon air tank from zero to 175 psi in 5-1/2 minutes, and will easily refill that 5-gallon tank using a 110psi-on and 175 psi off pressure switch in 1 minute, 23 seconds. Faster recovery times mean a longer life from your compressor. All C-model Viair compressors are expressly meant for use with air tanks and include a check valve pre-installed at the end of the compressor's stainless steel-braided leader hose installed at the compressor's exhaust port.
Viair Corporation
(949) 585-0011
Photo 25/32   |   adjustable Suspension firestone Air Spring
Firestone continues to raise the bar on high pressure and high quality air springs with its new Red Label edition. This design is the result of two years of strenuous testing to exceed the demands of those who require higher pressures to support and raise their vehicles. The air spring uses a proprietary high-strength cord with excellent flexibility and durability, while operating up to 15 psi and having a test pressure of 400 psi. Available in both the popular 267 and 224 sizes, and in 3/8- and 1/2-NPT port sizes.
(800) 888-0650
Photo 26/32   |   adjustable Suspension air Valve
E-Air Valve
The Mac Daddy air valve is back from E-Air Valve. The total redesign has resulted in a more bulletproof product that is proving to be reliable. The valve is a forged, brass nickel-plated body with a high output coil, stainless steel operator, and new diaphragm material, which gives it a max working pressure of 450 psi. The Mac Daddy is offered in a 3/8 -inch and 1/2-inch sizes and they employ a 5/8-inch orifice, which results in faster air movement.
Mac's Springs
(800) 585-5117
Photo 27/32   |   adjustable Suspension air Suspension Parts
Lowrider Depot
Lowrider Depot is the largest air suspension wholesaler on the East Coast, and offers a great selection for any of your air ride needs. An in-house custom metal shop manufactures a full line of metal products-right here in the USA. Some of the produced parts are four-links, which are custom-built to your specs; four-link parts, airbag brackets, notches, crossmembers, circle plates, steel tubing, and the list goes on. Lowrider Depot serves dealers anywhere in the world, with the lowest prices on quality air suspension parts.
Low Rider Depot
(877) 698-3115
Photo 28/32   |   adjustable Suspension parker Air Valve
Parker air valves are the most recognized name in the air ride community. These rugged valves operate with high repeatability, combining high speed and high flow in a small size. Coils are rated continuous duty and are sealed for protection from dust and dirt. The valves are offered in 3/8-, 1/2-, and 3/4-inches; all of which can handle up to 300 psi.
Mac's Springs
(800) 585-5117
Photo 29/32   |   adjustable Suspension pressuryte Leveling System
Mac's Spring
Mac's Springs has just announced the introduction of its new Pressuryte Leveling System for all air ride suspensions, available exclusively through Mac's. No more manual ride-height adjustments; just start the vehicle and Pressuryte levels it out to an adjustable, preset height.
Mac's Springs
(800) 585-5117
Photo 30/32   |   adjustable Suspension oasis Xd4000
The Oasis XD4000 is the most powerful air suspension and work truck air compressor available, and will even run a 1/2-inch impact wrench-without a tank! It features an exclusive, forced air motor and compressor cooling system, deep-finned head, low-voltage circuit protection, and a 50-hour service interval. This combination provides superior operating temperature reduction, resulting in an unrivaled 100-percent duty-cycle at 200 psi. The XD4000 is designed for air suspension, off-road vehicles, and service trucks. It's also environmental friendly, low-noise, and has no fumes.
Oasis Mfg.
(949) 768-4311
Photo 31/32   |   adjustable Suspension upper Control Arms
Suicide Doors
The Suicide Doors upper control arms are CNC-bent for perfect consistency and are made from 1.25-inch-diameter DOM tubing with a 1/2-inch wall thickness. The ball joint plate is CNC laser-cut from high quality 3/8-inch-thick P&O plate, which houses Power Performance ball joints-the highest quality ball joints on the market-so it's a perfect match for these control arms. The lower arms are CNC-bent for perfect consistency and are made from 1.50-inch-diameter DOM tubing with a 1/4-inch wall thickness. The ball joint tube is CNC-machined from DOM tube and is extra thick to prevent any ovalizing that may occur from heavy abuse. These lower tubes also house Power Performance ball joints.
Photo 32/32   |   adjustable Suspension five Link Kit
This version of the popular five-link kit features all newly engineered components, to get you laid out as quickly as possible, on tires up to 30-inches in diameter. The kit comes with new framerails for your truck, with all mounting points predetermined, reducing the number of holes needed to drill in your stock frame. What does this mean? It's a crazy easy install, in a very short time, and a super-stout frame that's 50-percent thicker than stock. Available with poly bushings or super pivots.
(812) 782-3581


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