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Dan Ward
Oct 1, 2008
Photographers: Dan Ward
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Custom Looks In Less Than A Day
For this month's Fantastic Four, we recruited an '08 GMC Yukon. Known for great family hauling abilities, the new Yukon is also a well-appointed V-8-powered utility vehicle. Adding some "sport" to that equation, we recruited the latest lowering kit from Belltech. A staple in the world of lowering, Belltech just released a new kit for the popular GM SUVs with multiple lowering options. Billet sleeves serve as spacers around the strut assembly and allow users to lift or lower their SUVs from 1-3 inches. We decided to lower this Yukon 3 inches in the front and 4 inches out back by using a Belltech 2-inch drop spindle, adjustable front shock, drop coils, and new shocks in the rear. We noticed when driving the stock Yukon, its suspension didn't offer the performance we wanted from the new SUV; so we added Belltech's solid anti-sway bars, front and rear, to the order list.
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Sticking with the performance ride and handling of the GMC, we ordered a set of Hankook Ventus sport tires, which were sized 295/35R24 and load rated to support the family hauler. Wheels make or break the overall look of any ride, and this Yukon features 24x10-inch DUB Bully wheels, made by MHT. It wouldn't be a Fantastic Four without an intake and exhaust, and we handled those bolt-ons with an Airaid 50-state legal intake and 50-state legal after-cat exhaust, manufactured by MagnaFlow. Cranking things up a notch, we also installed a Poweraid throttle-body spacer for increased airflow and a new Superchips Cortex hand-held tuner. This new tuner has multiple programming settings for fuel mileage, performance, and the added flexibility of changing tire size, gears, and transmission calibrations.
We needed all of these parts installed in a day and tracked down a shop to pull off the feat. Chassis By Aaron Iha located in Covina, California, had us off the lift and driving away in only 6 hours. Check out the story and give them a call if your family needs a cool new ride.
Your Questions Answered
Time Spent Working:
6 hours
Degree of Difficulty:
Intermediate (Power tools are helpful and a press is needed)
Tools Used:
Basic metric wrenches, hammer, screwdriver, coil compressor, hydraulic press, pry bar, Sawzall, impact wrench, 10mm socket, 5/16-inch socket, and a torque wrench
Parts Used:
Airaid intake 200-197 $285.99
Belltech 3/4 lowering kit $1,400 (drop spindles, new shocks, rear coils, front and rear anti-sway bars)
DUB Bully 24x10-inch chrome wheels $2,600.00
Hankook Ventus 295/35R24 high-performance tires $1,300.00
MagnaFlow 16672 performance exhaust $715.99
Poweraid throttle-body spacer $175.99
Superchips Cortex programmer 2950 $499.99
Total Cost:
$6,997.90 (Plus labor and mount and balance of wheels and tires)
From the Driver Seat
Impressed is an understatement when it came to our driving impression of this tricked-out GMC. The ride was smooth, compliant, and there was no more harsh body flexing while making sharp turns at high speeds. The Belltech anti-sway bars made a huge difference, and the feedback from the 35-series tires was appreciated, while the ride wasn't abusive in any manner. There is certainly more "go" now, thanks to the combination of Airaid intake, Poweraid throttle-body spacer, Superchips Cortex programmer, and MagnaFlow exhaust. Now the 5.3L has no problem getting up and running at its peak. This install went very smoothly, but it is worth noting: pressing the factory upper control arm bushings out and pressing the new Belltech alignment bushings into place is something the average shade-tree mechanic will not be able to perform. Most parts stores with machining abilities will be able to press out and in these new bushings, though.


Phoenix, AZ 85050
Belltech Sport Trucks
Sanger, CA 93657
Sanford, FL 32773
Chassis' by Aaron Iha
DUB Wheels



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