2004 Toyota Tundra Lowering Kit - Taking On A '04 Toyota Tundra

From Stock To Street Ready Hauler

John Mata Jr.
Dec 1, 2008
Photographers: John Mata Jr.
Photo 2/29   |   BEFORE
This month we were lucky enough to get our hands on a stock '04 Toyota Tundra. It's great fun to look at a blank slate like this stock Tundra and put together a new performance and appearance package.
We decided that the Tundra would look great with a mild suspension drop with a nice, shiny set of 22-inch chrome wheels. After a bit of research, we found a fitting set of rollers and a lowering kit from a company who specializes in Tundra-specific products. Tire Rack was nice enough to send us a set of its exclusive Granite Alloy brand 22x9.5 wheels and four 285/35/22 Yokohama Parada Spec-X tires, which were designed for heavier vehicles and larger wheel diameters.
Photo 3/29   |   AFTER
After our order was placed, the tires arrived pre-mounted and balanced. All we had to do was bolt on the new wheels and tires. Next, Glen Hughes from Totally Twisted Creations, who also specializes in Toyota products, pointed us in the direction of Tom Watts from Tundra Racing (viewable at tundraracing.com). Tundra Racing's 2/3.5-inch drop kit would work perfect for the wheels and tires that we selected. Rounding off the goods that found their way onto the Tundra is a Gibson high-performance exhaust system and an Injen Technology intake.
This wouldn't be a true fantastic four article if we didn't provide both a bark and bite to the newly beefed-up Tundra! Sit back and take some notes, as Adolfo Brisenio from JBM Sport Truck Accessories in Orange, California, transforms the stock Toyota into a street ready hauler.
Time Spent Working: 8 hours
Mechanical Difficulty: Intermediate
(All parts were bolt-on, except a few weld points for the Gibson Exhaust. Work would be more difficult without a lift and air tools)
Tools Used: Metric and standard socket set, metric and standard combo wrench, Phillips screw driver, torque wrench capable of 10-90 lb-ft, mallet, spring compressor, floor jackstands, hydraulic lift, impact gun, prybar, air chisel, and a Sawzall.
Granite Alloy 22x9.5 GA7 chrome wheels - MSRP $339.00 each (4 needed)
Yokohama Parada Spec-X 285/35-22 tires - MSRP $200.00 each (4 needed)
Lug nuts, valve stems, mounting, and balancing - MSRP $0.00 (included in TireRack.com's service)
Injen Performance Intake PF2019 - MSRP $387.08
Gibson Performance Exhaust 7500 - MSRP $514.64
Tundra Racing 2/3.5-inch lowering kit TR-2035 - MSRP $599.00
Total Cost: $3,656.72 (Plus labor and tax)
Photo 29/29   |   Not bad for only eight hours in the shop, don't you think? The Tundra's lower, wider stance is definitely an improvement over its previous off-the-lot appearance and performance.
From the Driver Seat
Once the Tundra Racing lowering kit, Gibson exhaust, and the Granite Alloy wheels and Yokohama Parada Spec-X tires were mounted to the truck, we soon hit a wall. The Injen intake we had ordered for the '04 Tundra did not fit. According to the May '04 production date located on the factory sticker, which is on the driver side inner door sill, the truck fell within the '04 date; but apparently, Toyota stuck some newer hardware on the 4.7 liter and we actually needed an '05 model Injen intake.
No worries, the round-trip, 40-mile drive from JBM Sport Truck Accessories to Injen's Pomona, California, headquarters served as a perfect opportunity to testdrive the freshly dropped Tundra. The truck handled great, it was hard to believe the truck's suspension had actually been altered. For the most part, the Tundra maintained its stock-quality ride-Tundra Racing really designed a great drop kit that works around all major factory suspension components. The Gibson dual-exit exhaust system and the Injen intake certainly make for a powerful combo, both in growl and a peppier acceleration. The Tundra now handles a lot sportier, due to its lower stance, wider contact point with the asphalt, and a few extra ponies. The wheels and tires were sweet, and we literally just bolted the combo from the Tire Rack onto the truck. No hassle, no mounting, just an easy addition.


Gibson Performance Exhaust
Corona, CA 92879
Yokohama Tire
JBM Sport Truck Accessories
Injen Technology Co., LTD.
Tundra Racing LLC



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