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SuperSteer's Rear Trac Bar Yields Handling Improvements Whether You're Towing Or Racing

Chris Hemer
Apr 1, 2009
Photographers: Chris Hemer
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Sport truck owners expect more from their vehicles than your typical truck owners do. In addition to duties like hauling loads and pulling trailers, we want our trucks to perform and handle better than average. A lowered suspension, performance shocks, and wider tires are all part of the equation, but once you've been there and done that, how can you further improve handling without breaking the bank?
A company called SuperSteer in Grants Pass, Oregon, has the answer. One of its most popular products is the "Trac Bar," which road racing fans will recognize as a variation of a Panhard bar.
Years ago, road racers came to realize that much of the handling instability came from the rear axle; under hard cornering forces, the rear axle would move laterally then center itself again as it came out of the corner. This movement would cause a wallowing, "tail wagging the dog" sensation that would unsettle the car. The Panhard bar solved this problem by rigidly attaching the rear axle to the frame.
SuperSteer took this same principle and applied it to the company's Trac Bar, but with an exception. All SuperSteer Trac Bars have been designed to bolt in place with no modifications required.
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Even if you don't push your truck's handling to its limits, the SuperSteer Trac Bar is still a useful addition to your truck. You've likely noticed an issue when you're pulling a trailer. A gust of wind comes, or a truck passes by, and suddenly your truck is all over the road. A Trac Bar can create a noticeable improvement in handling and stability in these instances.
What's In The Box?
The SuperSteer Trac Bar is made in the USA and is available for many popular full-size trucks. The unit is a beefy steel piece with 3/8-inch-thick steel brackets and urethane bushings. The whole thing bolts on with Grade 8 hardware in a matter of minutes and comes covered in a durable poweredcoated finish.
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The Final Word
The completed installation looks good and fits perfectly. The whole job took less than an hour and didn't require any drilling or welding. Under normal driving circumstances, we couldn't notice a difference in handling, but when the steering wheel was whipped back and forth (like you would in an autocross event, for example) the truck definitely felt more stable and planted, with less rearend whip. Having experienced this, we can say with confidence that the SuperSteer Trac Bar really works-whether you're carving corners or just towing a trailer.


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