Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - June 2009

Mike Alexander
Jun 1, 2009
Photo 2/4   |   mini Market June 2009 brakes
Get Your Brake On
Let's face it. The stock brakes on your '95-'04 6-lug Tacoma leave a little to be desired.
Sure, they work alright for stock trucks that don't get driven hard, but when you start towing or hauling heavy loads, the stock brakes can quickly go from mediocre to downright scary. Fortunately, LC Engineering has developed a kit for the four-wheel drive or Pre-Runner Tacomas to make them stop much better. By using Tundra twin-piston calipers, LCE's exclusive drilled and slotted rotors, Hawk LTS performance brake pads, and a custom set of braided stainless steel brake lines, we've improved nearly every aspect of the stock brake system. Rotor diameter is increased by nearly an inch, offering much more clamping surface. We have even included a matching rear brake line to make it a complete package. For more information contact LC Engineering at (928) 505-250 or visit
Photo 3/4   |   mini Market June 2009 air Compressor
Pump It Up
The brand-new Air-Zenith OB2 Black 200-PSI Compressor is the next generation in air supply.
This new compressor is completely redesigned from the ground up to deliver unparalleled air supply and reliability. The OB2 offers 200-psi real working pressure, 100% duty at 200-psi, 3.5-cfm air flow, with a max amp draw of 35A. OB2 comes standard with a waterproof cooling fan, 1/2-inch stainless steel braided air hose, heavy-duty inline check valve, weatherproof air filter, Nylock self-locking mounting hardware, 80A relay with relay socket and an industry leading, two-year warranty. Air-Zenith's quality products are designed and manufactured by today's experts in air ride suspensions. For more information check out the new website at
Photo 4/4   |   mini Market June 2009 leveling System
EZ Air
AccuAir has released their new line of e-Level Electronic Leveling Systems and Air Management Packages that bring improved handling, ride quality, and reliability to modern air suspension.
Featuring three programmable heights you can set for lowered, ride height, and lifted. There's also a Ride-Monitor-Mode that adjusts as needed while driving or parked. The TruPosition Height Sensors provide accurate leveling regardless of the load. Ride Height on start gets you ready to drive as soon as you turn the key, while Anti "Cross-loading" Technology gives balanced spring weights. The TouchPad accesses your three programmable heights and controls each individual air spring or front and rear as a pair. Also has optional Key-Chain Remote that accesses your three programmable heights from up to 200-feet away. The Active Learning maximizes leveling performance after every adjustment and it manages air compressors for faster recovery. The system also monitors the vehicle voltage and automatically turns compressor(s) off at 10.5 volts to prevent a dead battery with 100% weatherproof casings for under vehicle mounting and Plug-and-Play wiring harnesses for ease of installation. For More information regarding the e-Level Leveling Systems and Air Management Packages go to



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