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Air Management System - AccuAir Suspension

Better By Design

John Gilbert
Dec 1, 2009
Contributors: Mike Alexander
Photographers: John Gilbert, Mike Alexander
Minitruckers are known for custom innovations and generally find something we can use from other genres and adapt it to best suit our needs.
Photo 2/18   |   air Management System Accuair Suspension touchpad Controller
Air suspension found its beginnings in the big-truck arena as a no-frills utility to smooth out the harsh ride associated with heavy loads and multiple axles. The idea of using air suspension systems strictly as an aesthetic device to drop a vehicle as low as possible when parked and then be able to lift to a decent ride height and drive away appeared on radically customized minitrucks in the early '90s.
Although rudimentary minitruck air suspensions showed potential for a slammed stationary stance paired with the ability to achieve a reasonable ride height, there were some serious operational and reliability issues. Among the flaws was severely uneven front tire wear attributed to erratic manually set ride heights affecting camber angles and caster alignment. In 2001, during the early stages of air suspension's popularity, two young brothers, while one was still in high-school and the other studying to be an engineer in college, decided to produce a computerized air management system that would be compatible with all of manufacturer's air suspension setups on the market.
Reno and Dustin Heon spent the next three years of their life engineering, programming, testing, and manufacturing the very first self-leveling and programmable air suspension system. What they didn't know when they opened the doors to AccuAir was beyond the customized C10 Chevrolet trucks that they originally built the system on, was their new technology would find a much larger market on commercial applications that demanded a serious ability to function with a repeatability and reliability that could be guaranteed. A good example of this precision engineered functionality and reliability is on ambulances where as soon as the vehicle comes to a screeching halt and the rear doors are opened the system is programmed automatically to drop (kneel) to the ground, which drastically eases loading and unloading of a gurney. On departure, as soon as the ambulance drivers slam the rear doors, the vehicle triggers to ride height before it's in gear and accelerates away. Once the ambulance is underway the next immediate computer controlled task is to monitor ride height and prevent cross-jacking caused by trying to maneuver a heavy vehicle through curves, straights, and road irregularities. The nine years of engineering, programming, testing, and perfecting air suspension setups helps AccuAir Suspension develop and maintain utility and OEM reliability and operational advantages. These advantages guarantee performance and reliability across all markets.
What all of this means to the owner of a customized car or truck is that when you really want to enjoy your hard work and you need something that performs as good as it looks, your cruising pleasure won't be ruined by a primitive, out-of-date air setup that can't monitor leakage, or low-voltage situations. Couple this with improved handling characteristics, a very intuitive TouchPad controller that trumps the look and feel of anything on the market, and super accurate ride-height sensors that accurately monitor your heights as opposed to inaccurate pressure sensors, and your air suspension system will feel like it's on steroids, surpassing the competition at every level of the game. For more information on the advanced technology and super user-friendly capabilities of the AccuAir systems, call (877) 247-3696, or visit
Shop Name: AccuAir Suspension
Owners: Reno and Dustin Heon
Phone Number: (877) 247-3696
Location: Grover Beach, CA
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AccuAir Suspension
Grover Beach, CA


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