Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - December 2009

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Mike Alexander
Dec 1, 2009
Start Stripping
Rust-Oleum is proud to introduce yet another innovation to help make your restoration project much less painful and time consuming.
Photo 2/5   |   mini Market December 2009 rust Oleum Auto Stripper
This fast-acting, general-purpose paint remover and stripper removes most finishes from metal surfaces. Application and removal is quick and painless and makes for an easy beginning to get you back on track with your project. For more information visit
Mount It Up
Energy Suspension is proud to introduce its new early S-10 polyurethane engine mounts.
Photo 3/5   |   mini Market December 2009 energy Suspension Engine Mounts
The factory rubber mounts are notorious for rotting and falling apart over time, so Energy Suspension decided it was about time to develop the ultimate mounts for both early- and late-model S-10s. Manufactured from performance polyurethane, these mounts are impervious to vehicle chemicals, atmospheric conditions, and hard driving, which make them virtually indestructible. These new mounts are available in either red or black. For more information or applications, check out
Get Your Learn On
Motorbooks is proud to announce the release of three upcoming books that combine to make the perfect restoration toolkit for inspiration!
Automotive Custom Interiors idea book offers images of an incredible assortment of custom interiors, from the ultimate in luxury to race-inspired minimalism, from monochromatic to psychedelic, from totally high-tech to retro hot-rod styling, from suede and leather to tuck 'n' roll, and from inlaid wood to rusty metal, this book has it all. Another new title available is Hot Rods: Roadsters, Coupes, and Customs idea book. When it comes to building your hot rod and/or minitruck, you're faced with choices for everything from which go-fast goodies to slap on your mill to what paint and other eye candy might define your ride more than anything else. And when it comes to a hot rod, parts aren't just parts; it's all in how they come together-either it works or it doesn't. Whether you're looking for inspiration or practical answers, these books and others will guide you in the right direction. For more info on these and other titles available visit



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