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Mike Alexander
Apr 1, 2010
Drop Stop
We've all been there before, driving down the road and your cell phone falls into the "void" between your seat and center console.
Well finally there's a cure! Fortunately, Drop Stop has come to the rescue. This newly launched vehicle safety accessory is designed to protect the gap between the seat and center console, eliminating the distraction and potential danger that exists when personal articles fall causing the common, automatic reaction of taking one's eyes off the road. Available exclusively online at, so check it out today.
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Switchspeed By Accuair
AccuAir Suspension unveiled their brand-new SwitchSpeed Controller at this year's SEMA show.
The SwitchSpeed Controller offers all of the standard functions that you expect from a traditional switchbox, but that is where the similarities stop. AccuAir's propriety Advanced Burst-Control Technology allows you to choose between three different modes of adjustment; precise / moderate / full speed. The burst speeds for each of these modes are user-tunable to achieve improved precision from even the largest solenoid valves. This is the industry's first "switchbox" that offers variable speed control, and at a retail price of $349 it still features the same high-quality look and feel that you've come to expect from AccuAir. Although the SwitchSpeed does not offer preset heights like the e-Level Controller that AccuAir is known for; it can easily be upgraded to an e-Level system down the road. For more information on this and other AccuAir products, visit
Photo 3/4   |   mini Truck Parts April 2010 switchspeed Controller
Rock Solid
RockSolid Floors offers greener garage floor coatings with their new Polyurea One-Day DIY Kit.
This is the latest advancement in floor coating technology, providing the best of all worlds in the garage enhancement industry. Featuring greater durability strength compared to traditional epoxy floor paints. It's impact-resistant to floor jacks, jack-stands, and vehicle traffic. It's impervious to hot tire pick up and is highly chemical-resistant to oil and even Dot 3 brake fluids. Best of all, you get that durability and flexibility, packaged with a beautiful long-lasting shine. For more information, check out
Photo 4/4   |   mini Truck Parts April 2010 garage



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