Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - September 2010

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Mike Alexander
Sep 1, 2010
Cando Bolt-On Kits
CanDo Specialties has listened to what its customers were asking for and decided to revise its S-10 all-FWD bolt-on four-link and six-link kits. Here are some of the features: raised the gas tank X-member and included upper link mounts pre-TIG-welded on the crossmember, angled upper four-link bar ends instead of the brackets so they won't bind up side-to-side, and shorter lower bars to help correct pinion-angle problems. Also, notched axle brackets allow more travel, and 'bag mounts on top of the cantilever bars allow more lift. The 10-bolt differential bracket that holds the upper four-link bars is now stronger than ever. All of the four-link parts CanDo produces are machined or laser-cut then TIG-welded. For more information, visit
Photo 2/4   |   mini Truck Parts September 2010 cando Bolt On Kit
Rear Discs
The guys over at The Little Shop of Horrors have learned a thing or two about S-10s over the last six years of fooling with them. After outfitting some projects with custom rear disc brakes, they decided to put together an affordable kit to allow people to swap their own stock drum brakes to discs. Installation is simple, requires no welding, and it's not even necessary to pull out the axles. Serviceable parts like pads and rotors are available for sale individually should you need them. Kits are built to fit '82-'91 or '92-'04 S-10 rears and can be ordered with or without emergency brake calipers. With a retail price of $349, no custom S-10 should be caught driving with drums. For more information, check out
Photo 3/4   |   mini Truck Parts September 2010 rear Disc Brakes
Don't Cowl Around
Cowl-induction steel hoods from LMC give your truck a high-performance look and create increased airflow for a cooler engine and increased performance. The outside cold fresh air carries a denser air/fuel mixture to an engine's combustion chambers than the warm underhood air. This gives your truck a muscle car/street rod appearance and lets people know you mean business. The increased engine compartment space allows you to add on high-performance accessories and gives you more room for that bodydrop. Simply paint and bolt on as it reuses your original factory latch and hinges. For more information on this and other S-10 replacement parts, visit
Photo 4/4   |   mini Truck Parts September 2010 cowl Induction Steel Hood



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