Mini Truck Parts - Mini Market - October 2010

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Mike Alexander
Oct 1, 2010
Helix compressor
In today's fast-growing air-suspension community, we know you demand a 12-volt air compressor that can keep up with the massive air travel in lifting a vehicle with air suspension. We also know you demand a 12-volt air compressor that complements your air suspension with its overall beauty. So why not have both? Now you can with Helix's unique compressor design and all-chrome finish, you can have the best of both worlds. Its 100% duty cycle, 200-psi rating makes it tough enough to take whatever you throw at it. Hitting 165-200 psi in 1 minute and 30 seconds on a 5-gallon tank gives you the air you need as soon as you need it! This Helix HEXAC6 compressor also comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty. For more information, contact Helix Suspension at (800) 873-4038, or check out
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Kicker Slims it up
Kicker introduced a true high-performance subwoofer with a reduced mounting depth a few years back, and it was met with immediate success. Who wouldn't want a subwoofer that pounds insanely from the slimmest locations? The next generation of Kicker CompVT Subwoofer slides into door panels and other tight fits, making this new line one of the most powerful and slimmest subs yet. Precise Kicker engineering allows the CompVT to pound hard even in very limited space. A special four-layer voice coil provides the CompVT the ability to work with serious amounts of power without the bulk. The woofer's stiff, injection-molded, modified-spoke cone is shaped to provide maximum excursion from a slender basket, allowing the ideal amount of flex for better strength and durability. These space-saving features make for woofers with mounting depths of less than 4 1/2 inches- perfect for behind the seats of your mini! For more information, check out
Photo 3/4   |   mini Truck Parts October 2010 kicker Subwoofer
Universal Air Power
For years the custom air-suspension market has been trying to develop an air spring that will give your mini that extra lock-up for those "less than desirable" road conditions, nasty speedbumps, and steep driveways. Universal Air Suspension has the answer. Introducing Power House 'bags. They share the same bolt pattern as all other common-brand bags to ensure a painless installation, and they collapse to 3 inches while extending to over 13 inches. You will get over 10 inches of direct 'bag lift, just by bolting in a set of Power House 'bags. Every inch of stroke is usable and designed to improve your mini's ride quality. Did we mention they are only 7 inches wide and do not balloon out? Made in the USA of only the highest-quality synthetic rubber and die-cast aluminium end caps with military-spec sealing. These 'bags can take a beating. For more information, visit
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