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Maximized - Letters - September 2011

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Max Fish
Sep 1, 2011
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I have a ’95 Tacoma that I’m planning to run a set of 20-inch KMC Units and 255/30/20 tires on. I’m planning to do a stock-floor bodydrop, and I know it’s going to be a lot of relocating, especially due to the fact that it’s a manual tranny. The question I have is who makes drop spindles for this application? I have searched online and read through some forums and it looks like people are custom-making them and spending a pretty penny to have them made! Any help is appreciated!

Jim Berg
29 Palms, CA


You are up for some fabrication time for sure, but the outcome will certainly be worth it! This is where I pull out my soapbox and try and sell you some magical elixir to cure all your ailments. As far as I know, Bio Kustumz (which happens to be owned by me) is the only shop that sells true bolt-on drop spindles for the Tacoma. Yes, they are expensive compared to the usual price for mass-produced spindles, but understand that custom work will always take more time and, in turn, cost more money. I don’t know of any other company that has them otherwise.
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Dear MT,

I have a question for Max Fish on suspension setup and tire wear. I have the ZQ8 suspension package and Belltech drop spindles on my ’03 GMC Sonoma. I haven’t done anything else to the front suspension and don’t treat or drive it hard. Every four years or so, I wear out a set of front tires but only on the outside. I have had it in for front-end alignments and keep the tires inflated properly. Any ideas? Or is it just the way it works since GM basically just made the coils smaller when they dropped it? I have had stock 235/55/16 and 215/60/16 tires from BFG and Falken installed before. Any suggestions would be great.


This is a great question, Steve! I can only speculate as to the real reason that your tires wear on the outside because I have no idea of what your version of ‘normal’ driving is. My thoughts as to what it could be are not that easy to convey in the space we have here, but I will give it my best. The ZQ8 suspension has stiffer antisway bars, which will obviously eliminate much of the bodyroll normally associated with truck suspension. This lack of bodyroll is actually what I think is causing the tires to wear more on the outside over time. What I believe is happening is that when cornering (even at normal driving speeds) the outside of the tires are more heavily “loaded.” Normally, the suspension would compress causing the tire camber to spread the load across the tire, but with the antisway bar the suspension cannot compress as easily. This, over time, could cause the strange wear that you are experiencing. If you would like to try and even out the wear, have your truck alignment changed to add a small amount of camber. It is a simple change and if you keep a close eye on the tread you should be able to see if it changes anything within a few months.

I have a daily-driven 4Runner (2WD) that I bought new in ‘03. Since that time, I have searched for an answer to my lowering question and been laughed at by the radical builders for not wanting to ’bag my ride and scorned by the other side for not putting a lift on it. With that being said, I am hoping you know of a company that makes a leveling kit that will bring the rear of my ’Runner down, or a kit that drops front and rear without putting me on the ground and compromising the ride. Any suggestions?

Greg Jasinski
Charleston, SC

Well Greg, my initial thought was, “Of course someone makes a kit for your 4Runner,” but after doing a bit of research I see that there isn’t an easy answer. I have built drop spindles for similar vehicles so the front has an easy answer, but that doesn’t help much if we can’t find a rear spring to level things out. My thoughts are that a generic spring from a company like could be easily fitted to your truck with a small amount of work. I don’t know if there are any shops in your area that are capable (or willing) to assist with a job like this as it is unique, but it should do everything you are hoping for. Good luck!
- OF



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