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Inner View - Status Custom Shop

Nov 1, 2011
Status is a well-known custom-automotive shop based in Rockwall, Texas—just 25 miles northeast of Dallas. Outside of the shop on any given day you’ll find a slew of custom vehicles in the parking lot that are owned, built, and driven by the Status staff. Spot, the shop manager, along with the rest of the team at Status, pride themselves on being easygoing and well-versed in the trades of design, interior work, audio system building, metal fabrication, bodywork, and paint. Each area of customization has its own building; there is also an office with a full showroom to display Status’ abundant talents.
Photo 2/16   |   inner View Status Custom Shop front Counter
The guys have built a reputation for building respectable, show-worthy, daily-driven vehicles, and they put the same attention to detail and care into customers’ vehicles as they would their own. At Status, their slogan is “Creating Rolling Art,” which is tough to argue with based on the awards on the walls and the positive reviews on the streets.
We caught up with Spot to ask him a few questions and pick his brain about the shop and what they are seeing now in their world of customizing. Enjoy.

777 Riding Club Road
Rockwall, TX 75087
Mini Truckin': How long has the shop been open?
Spot: Approximately two years. The previous shop was under another name, Stoked Out Specialties, where most of the focus was on high-end street-rod builds. Now as Status, we focus on all aspects of custom accessories, complete air-ride suspension, and full builds from the ground up.

MT: We’ve heard that Status is an award-winning shop. Just what kind of awards have you guys claimed?
Spot: The ’09 SEMA GM Best Exterior Design award, ’10 SEMA GM Best Truck award, and multiple local and out-of-state show awards.

MT: How many employees make up the entire Status crew?
Spot: Status is currently a team of 11.

MT: How much of your clientele is made up of minitrucks?
Spot: Right now, it’s up and down. We have had several come through for little odds and ends. We just don’t see too many minis at this current point. We would love to see more roll in and out the doors, so come on in guys!
Photo 3/16   |   inner View Status Custom Shop rear Frame
MT: What trends you see in minis today?
Spot: The guys spending money on their trucks are definitely more interested in the details rather then just getting the truck done. More and more of our customers want quality-built vehicles addressing areas normally left alone and/or hidden. A lot of custom aspects and attention to detail from the street-rod community have fallen into minis over the last few years.

MT: How many Status-built vehicles have been featured in print publications?
Spot: Six to date, but a couple haven’t run yet.

MT: What’s your favorite part of customizing vehicles?
Spot: The camaraderie between everyone involved in a project and seeing guys pushing through to get the builds completed brings a great feeling and sense of accomplishment. And of course coming up with a new idea and executing it is always rewarding.

MT: On a personal level, what got you into the scene?
Spot: A combination of my older brother and my current ’67 Chevy Stepside project hooked me in. As for the other guys and girls at Status, it seems to be a mixture of family, friends, and pure interest in vehicles.

MT: Think we’re all out of questions at the moment, anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
Spot: Well, thanks for taking the time to share a tour of our shop and avid followers. Let’s keep this scene going!
Photo 4/16   |   inner View Status Custom Shop break Room
inner View Status Custom Shop logo
  |   inner View Status Custom Shop logo


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