During our buildup of the Ultimate F-150 Work Truck, we've shown you how to add contractor essentials, such as ladder rack, BedSlide, DeeZee toolbox, and heavy-duty parts from Harbor Freight, and this month we're giving our 2012 F-150 even more capability. A work truck sees more miles than most pickups, and ride quality was paramount in our parts selection. A leveling lift is an easy-to-install alternative to a full suspension lift that does not alter the ride quality but still allows the use of larger wheels and tires. To give the '12 F-150 a few more inches in ride height, we installed a 3-inch strut spacer from Ready Lift. Three extra inches allowed us to easily clear 34-inch-tall Nitto Terra Grappler A/T tires wrapped around 20x9-inch Fuel Off-Road Maverick wheels. Making the truck genuinely level, we added a Ready Lift 1.5-inch lift block to the rear leaf pack. With less than two hours spent working on the truck (for the front and rear), the F-150 work truck was looking awesome, but best of all, the truck rode like it was factory. Transforming the truck's looks and providing more off-road capabilities for those dirt-covered construction sites, the Nitto A/T tires and Fuel Maverick wheels were a must-have for the Ford. Check out the install to see just how easy it can be when form meets function. Enter for a chance to win this truck by going to www.facebook.com/masterlock.