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Maximized - Letters - February 2013

Questions. Answers. Letters

Art Gomez
Feb 1, 2013
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This month's edition of Maximized features GO EZ's very own Art Gomez answering your questions. Stumped or need a few pointers? Shoot us an email at, and ask away! Remember, there are no dumb questions! Ok, let's hear what you guys were stuck with this month. Take it away Sarge!
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Hey guys,
I know you're probably super busy but I had a question that maybe you could answer. I have a '94 Nissan D21 2WD and I did a Cando Nissan/Toyota five-lug conversion up front no problem. Now I'm on the rear end of things. Got a '94 Toyota rearend 2WD for it. Basically what's the best way of going about mating the Nissan drive shaft to the Toyota rear end? Redrill the flange on the rear end or take it to a driveline shop and get a Toyota U-joint put on the Nissan drive shaft? Also plan on daily driving it.
Mr. Taylor
Somewhere in Cyberspace

Hey Taylor,
The best solution would be to take it to your nearest driveshaft shop. Let them know you have a Toyota rearend and bring the Nissan driveshaft. They can weld on the Toyota joint to it. Don't forget to measure the length from center to center of the U-joint. It would be better since it's going to be a daily.
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Hey fellas,
I have a Mazda B3000 and I was involved in an accident and now I need to replace the whole front clip. I want to stick with my Mazda front clip since it matches the bed bodylines and all better than Ranger. The sucky part is finding the parts I need for a Mazda without spending a fortune. I was wondering if y'all had anyone you recommend buying from or where I can even find parts. I want this truck back lookin' like she's supposed to!! Thanks for any help.
Lake Charles, LA

Hey Roux,
That sucks to hear. I would check local wrecking yards or you can call the guys at Mini Truck Dismantlers at (909) 622-1381 or give them a stalk online at

They are cool guys over there and can help you with the parts you need.

I have am '02 Isuzu Rodeo. I'm' thinking I would like to 'bag it but I don't want to cut anything up though. Do you know of a bolt-on kit anywhere or some hints how I can do this? Thank you for your time I hope to hear back from you soon.
Jonathon Mullen
Florence, AL

Hey Jonathon,
There are some bolt-on 'bag brackets but you still might have to do some welding or drill holes. Just understand that it won't go low if you don't want to cut or change anything. Check out Chassis Tech, AVS, and Firestone, the have brackets that may help you do what you want to do.

Hey MT!
Just wanted to know what you thought about what size air line I should run 1⁄2-, 3⁄8-, or 1⁄4-inch. Aside from the size of my valves and fittings and such I'll need what is the real difference? Is one size quieter or faster than the other? Don't mean to sound too much like a noob, but I've been static dropped for years and its time to upgrade. Thanks!
Sam Torino
Iowa City, IA

Hey Sam,
The difference is flow. The smaller the line, the slower it will flow. I recommend 3⁄8 line. It has a nice flow for going up and coming down. I also would use 3⁄8 valves. You can adjust it with ease, and you won't be disappointed. Shoot us some pictures when you're done.
- OF


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