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Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Install on a Ram ProMaster Van

LoadLIFTER! Add Safety and Comfort With Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 for the Ram ProMaster Van

Jim Smart
Nov 16, 2016
Photographers: Jim Smart
When you purchase a van or truck for hauling capacity, you’re placing faith in a factory suspension system, hopeful it will be able to handle the job it has been assigned. But what if your vehicle’s factory suspension isn’t up to the task and you wind up with instability and dangerous sway once the vehicle is loaded? Oftentimes, after we buy a vehicle, our hauling and towing needs change, but trading up to a higher capacity vehicle isn't an option. Perhaps we need great load capacity only on occasion.
Air Lift Company has been maximizing load capacity comfort and safety for hundreds of thousands of people since 1949, developing dependable air spring suspension products over the generations. Air Lift’s original product, a rubber air spring inserted into a factory car’s coil spring, was created and patented in 1950. Since that time, Air Lift has been engineering and producing load capacity improvement systems for a wide variety of applications, including pickup and heavy-duty trucks, SUVs, CUVs, and vans. Engineered to fit more than 540 vehicle types, Air Lift load support products are sold and supported around the world. What’s more, these are systems you don’t even have to think about if you opt for the onboard electronically controlled compressor and inflation system.
We’re working with a Ram ProMaster 1500 panel van, which is used to haul equipment for the movie industry, and Mustangs, Etc. in Van Nuys, California, is performing the installation. Although this van wears the Ram name, it is a Fiat-based front-drive unit body van that changes the way we think about vans in North America. Vans have evolved from full body-on-frame to unit body, which means the body and frame are an integral monocoque cage that form a single lightweight, yet stronger, unit. This means manufacturers are building ½-, ¾-, and 1-ton capacity vans that weigh less while delivering the same load capacity. Ram isn’t the only automaker building unit-body vans. Ford and a host of import automakers like Nissan are also building lightweight vans with tremendous hauling capacity. Air Lift is on board for most of them, with air spring systems designed to enhance hauling capacity at an affordable price.
We’re going to show you how to achieve improved hauling and towing from your Ram ProMaster, as well as any other truck or van you happen to be operating. Air Lift offers no-drill applications with self-tapping screws—kits that simply bolt to your vehicle’s frame, which speeds up the installation process. The LoadLifter 5000 kit includes two air springs, brackets, air lines, Schrader valves, and all the hardware needed for installation. LoadLifter 5000 air spring kits are engineered to be installed in less than two hours and include a fully illustrated, user-friendly instruction manual. It is remarkable just how easy it is to install the LoadLifter 5000 system.
Before you begin your Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 installation, please remember safety comes first: use 3-ton-capacity jackstands to support the vehicle at the axle or framerails, check vehicle for stability prior to going underneath, never use a hydraulic or scissor jack as sole vehicle support, eye protection is paramount any time you’re working underneath a vehicle, and disconnect the battery’s negative cable in the interest of safety while you’re working on the electrical system.

The Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 offers:

Improved braking and steering: When all four tires are firmly on the ground, braking time and steering are both improved. In short, a safer drive.
Less sway: Air springs increase spring rate capacity and improve vehicle stability.
Less bottoming out: Air springs provide adjustable load support to help prevent bottoming out on rough roads.
Headlight aim: Only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aiming.
Less porpoising: Even heavy pickups and vans that don’t squat when loaded can begin to “porpoise” vertically when towing heavy trailers or hauling heavy loads. Adjustable air springs dramatically reduce this problem for a safer, more comfortable ride.
More even tire wear: When weight is evenly distributed to all four tires, tires wear more evenly.
LoadLifter 5000 air springs fit easily between the frame and the axle to provide suspension support. Just add air to the air springs at the Schrader valves if you are carrying a heavy load to make sure your vehicle remains level and stable. Then, deflate when riding empty.
Photo 2/24   |   Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 kits are Air Lift’s highest-rated air spring kits specifically engineered for hauling or towing heavy loads. Although we’re working with a Ram ProMaster van, the LoadLifter 5000 air springs are designed to fit most popular vehicles, such as ½-, ¾-, and 1-ton pickup trucks; motorhomes; commercial trucks; and a host of others. In addition, they are fully adjustable from 5 to 100 psi. LoadLifter 5000 air springs can provide up to 5,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity to support heavy loads. Remember, however, to never exceed your vehicle’s GVWR.
Photo 3/24   |   At the touch of a button in a simple handheld remote, the optional Air Lift On-Board Air Compressor System enables you to inflate air springs on the fly. These add-on inflation systems are great for changes in load, weather, or road conditions. In fact, Air Lift offers wireless models as well as models that mount in the cab within the driver’s reach.
Photo 4/24   |   Airlift Promaster Bolt
Photo 5/24   |   Air springs are assembled as shown and bolted together using Loctite for added security. Bolts are torqued to no more than 20 ft-lb.
Photo 6/24   |   This view of the LoadLifter 5000 air spring demonstrates proper assembly as this spring stacks up on the axle.
Photo 7/24   |   The factory rebound bumper is removed using a large pair of pliers. As you face the chassis from underneath, turn the bumper counterclockwise and remove. Put it on the shelf for safe keeping in the event you transfer your LoadLifter 5000 to another vehicle.
Photo 8/24   |   The top air spring mount is installed and torqued to 30 ft-lb. Make sure the mount is properly aligned with the framerail.
Photo 9/24   |   Airlift Promaster Mount Axle
Photo 10/24   |   The air spring is mounted on the axle as shown and anchored via the U-bolts provided. U-bolt nuts are torqued to 16 ft-lb.
Photo 11/24   |   The air springs are secured at the top mount as shown and torqued to 20 ft-lb.
Photo 12/24   |   This image shows the completed air spring installation and the Ram ProMaster rear suspension system, which is a solid axle supported by heavy-duty leaf springs and damped by gas shocks.
Photo 13/24   |   Airlift Promaster Leveling System
Photo 14/24   |   We’re going to install the optional air compressor load leveling system. The compressor is installed with self-drilling and tapping screws, which means you won’t need your drill index for this installation. Mustangs, Etc. has elected to install the compressor away from the wheelwells, where dust and debris can clog the air filter. Mount the compressor high enough in the frame box so that water cannot be ingested.
Photo 15/24   |   Airlift Promaster Compressor Relay
Photo 16/24   |   The air compressor relay and wiring harness are next. The relay is secured with self-drilling and tapping screws. It is a good idea to wrap the wiring harness with Painless Performance Power Braid if your budget permits. Electrical tape is another option. Otherwise, watch out for sharp edges that can chafe insulation and cause a short circuit.
Photo 17/24   |   Airlift Promaster Air Line
Photo 18/24   |   The air line from the compressor to the processor and valve assembly is secured along with the power supply. Power will come from an ignition-switched source at the fuse box on the left-hand side that’s live only when the ignition switch is on. Wiring is secured with rubber-lined Adel clamps along the right-hand framerail.
Photo 19/24   |   Airlift Promaster Schrader Valves
Photo 20/24   |   Here are the two Schrader valves to each air spring. They are employed whether you have the air compressor or choose to manually inflate the springs. It is a good idea to have these Schrader valves in case the onboard air system becomes inoperative.
Photo 21/24   |   Airlift Promaster Routing Lines
Photo 22/24   |   Air Lift makes it so easy to cut air lines to proper length and plug them right into the fittings, air springs, and controller. When you’re routing air lines, make sure you have a minimum of 6 inches of clearance from any exhaust component. Lines are secured with Adel clamps as shown.
Photo 23/24   |   Airlift Promaster Fuse Box
Photo 24/24   |   Switched power comes from the in-dash fuse box to the left of the driver. Mustangs, Etc. chose to get power from the 30-amp headlight circuit, which is live only when the ignition switch is on. Air Lift provides a 15-amp inline fuse to protect the air compressor circuit. Ram provided this firewall pass-through grommet. We routed the power lead through the firewall to the fuse box, making this an installation nearly anyone can do in a couple of hours. Make sure all wiring is protected from chafing.
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